Princess Cut Diamonds

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What is a Princess Cut?When I first joined the diamond and jewelry industry, my favorite diamond cut was the princess cut. I liked the princess for its modern edgy style. Princess cut diamonds have a brilliant-style shape and are considered contemporary due to their sharp, pointed, uncut corners. Princess cut diamonds are generally cut in the shape of a square or rectangle. In 1980 the first princess cut diamond was developed by Betzalel Amber and Israel Itzkowitz of Ambar Company in Los Angeles. At the time, the newly invented princess cut was considered to be avant garde because of its unusual shape, but today it is currently one of the most popular diamond shapes around.As indicated by the plotting diagram … Read More

Ben Get His Diamond Ring and Saves the Benjamins


Ben and his future sister-in-law, McKenzie stopped by INTA Gems and got a really great 2 ct princess cut diamond ring for his to-be fiance! Ben did his research and saved a bunch of Benjamins ($100 bills) by getting his diamond ring from INTA Gems & Diamonds. More money for the honeymoon. Ben also got to watch his diamond getting set too. A little tour and a few photos to remember the moment. Congrats Ben!

Qantas Employees Get First Class Service at INTA Gems & Diamonds


Becky came all the way from Australia and got a beautiful diamond ring from INTA Gems. Her daughter, Nikki, is a flight attendant on Qantas, and we made sure to take good care of her. Nikki is on the brand new double-decker A380 flights! Pretty cool. We’ve got family living in both Melbourne and Sydney and we know how friendly the Aussies are to Americans. So, we made sure to take care of all the Aussies and especially those who work for Qantas. For any of the MEL-LAX or SYD-LAX flight crews, e-mail us if you have any questions about diamond or jewelry. We’ll definitely be happy to help you.

Bill and Pauline – Insured for Life


Ben and Pauline have been life-long customers and love tanzanite! Bill surprised Pauline and not only got a Tanzanite, but also a beautiful yellow sapphire and diamond ring too! What a great husband!

Sheer Happiness

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James C. and Pailin R. just bought a magnificent 2.41 carat, F color, and SI1 clarity round brilliant cut diamond that is channel set in a platinum setting. Accompanying this gorgeous engagement ring is a matching round channel set band. This lovely couple were ecstatic about the ring and their first words after seeing the enormous rock was “Wow!” We were so delighted to see the smiles on their faces and hope to see them soon! Congrats and best wishes to James and Pailin!

Ihor & Julie

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Ihor and Julie came by on Friday to pick up their wedding bands. And they’re getting married on Saturday! Congrats Ihor & Julie!!

Caryn & Warren Diamond Ring Protection

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Warren and Caryn stopped by to have their rings cleaned. We custom made Caryn’s ring a couple of years ago and she wore all INTA Gems & Diamonds at her wedding in Manhattan Beach. Caryn crushed her diamond ring a few months after getting it in a sliding glass door. The ring was really bent and damaged and we fixed it for her. Fortunately, her strong platinum and diamond ring kept her finger from being broken from the door. So, do diamonds and gemstones protect their owners from harm? I guess in Caryn’s case, they do! :-) And congrats to Warren and Caryn who are expecting their first baby girl!