Black Diamonds

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Unknown to many, diamonds do not only come colorless, yellow, and pink but all colors of the spectrum. More highly unknown is the existence of black diamonds. These precious stones, also known as carbonado, are found in Central African Republic and Brazil. Sadly, not much is written about black diamonds, nor what causes their color. Early research describes the stones … Read More

Megan Fox & Ivanka Trump


Any excuse is a good excuse to post photos of Megan Fox. Guys everywhere rejoiced when they heard that Fox had split from Brian Austin Green (How the heck did “David Silver” rap superstar, land the hottest girl in the world?). Back when they were newly engaged, she was wearing a huge rock, but nowadays even though she has reunited … Read More

One of Our Very Own…Married!!

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One of our very own INTA Gems family member, Stephanie Brink just married her long time boyfriend Kyle B. this summer. The lovely couple married at the Rosewood Christian Reformed Church. It was a very emmotional and magical day for the couple as they kept the day pretty intimate with Stephanie’s father and Kyle’s mentor as the pastors for the … Read More

Black Eyed Peas Wedding Recap


Catering is an essential part of the wedding experience for your guests. I know that I always look forward to weddings especially of the amazing food spreads that are usually laid out. I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding catered by the charismatic Daniel Villanueva. Here are some photos of his food, a sample wedding coming soon! Find … Read More

The 4th C: GIA’s Cut Grading

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Often when people discuss diamonds they talk about the 4 C’s, which are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. However, the 4th C is not often a priority for many buyers in the market. Sadly, without an adequate cut, a diamond of the best carat, color, and clarity can still look dull. The GIA Cut Scale ranges from Excellent to Poor. … Read More

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

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Canary Diamonds are considered one of the most rare, beautiful diamonds. While the GIA diamond scale ranges from D-Z, further down the scale a diamond will reach the color area of fancy yellow or Canary diamond. The color of a diamond is composed from the combination of hue, tone, and saturation. Hue is the basic shade that identifies the color. … Read More

Yanna and Yang Get Married!

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My very own sister, Yanna, just got married this weekend at the Merritt Mansion in Pasadena. She met her now husband, Yang at UCLA Law School. The couple carried out very multi-cultural wedding with a Chinese Tea Ceremony, Korean Ceremony, and an American wedding. Steve’s daughter, Kailee was the flower girl. My sister wore a beautiful matching INTA Gems diamond … Read More


My Name Is Earl actress, Jaime Pressly, 32, married entertainment lawyer, Simran Singh, 30, on a Saturday in Malibu after only two months of getting engaged. We are seeing a pattern of quickie weddings in Hollywood lately! Singh proposed with a 5-carat round brilliant cut ring, worth about $75,000 The bride wore a Jenny Packham ivory custom gown encrusted with … Read More

A Deeper Look at Diamonds

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What are diamonds made of? Unlike every other precious stone, a diamond is the only mineral made of a single element. Diamonds are composed 99.95% of carbon. The other 0.05% includes traces of other elements that are not the part of the primary chemical composition. These traces can affect both the color and shape of a diamond. How are diamonds … Read More

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