A Stone of Destiny

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For centuries, sapphires have been worn by royalty. In fact, today Kate Middleton is wearing the legendary Princess Diana Sapphire Ring as Prince Harry proposed to her. But before Kate, another celebrity rocked the blue sapphire engagement ring – the Academy Award winning actress, Penelope Cruz.
The famous actress married her longtime boyfriend Javier Bardem after he proposed a 3-carat sapphire engagement ring worth about $30,000. The two had originally met on set during the filming of the movie Jamon, Jamon back in 1992.
Sapphires, a part of the corundum family, make a great alternative to diamond engagement rings because of their strong hardness rating of a 9 out of 10 (diamond being the hardest with a 10 rating). And they come in a wide range of colors (blue being the most common). Sapphires are also symbolic as being a stone of destiny. And what better way to show your special someone you two are destined to be together than with a “stone of destiny.” At INTA Gems & Diamonds, we offer the widest range of Ceylon Blue Sapphires in various color shades. For additional information on blue sapphires, please feel free to contact us at 213-689-9650.

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