Best Diamond Clarities for You?

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Many people ask me what clarities to get in a diamond. Is a flawless the best stone? Here’s what I would recommend.

-Flawless and Internally Flawless are for the perfectionists and people with lots of money in the bank.
-VVS clarities are for those collectors who want almost perfections without paying -the price of a Flawless
-VS are for quality buyers.
-SI’s are for value buyers.

I, personally, like VS to SI Clarities stones and think people should put the money on SIZE. I purchased for my wife, Anna, who works at CBS finanace department a princess cut 1.50 ct. F Color VS2 clarity. It’s a GORGEOUS diamond and Anna gets a lot of compliments on it everyday.

After being happily married for 4 1/2 years; She never complained about the quality but she did about the size. I guess it’s time to get a bigger stone since 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is rolling around.

Soon, Anna, soon!

Anna and Steve at Puerta Vallarta Mexico on our Honeymoon in August, 2004

Steve Pheng
Graduate Gemologist