Black Eyed Peas Wedding Recap


Catering is an essential part of the wedding experience for your guests. I know that I always look forward to weddings especially of the amazing food spreads that are usually laid out. I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding catered by the charismatic Daniel Villanueva. Here are some photos of his food, a sample wedding coming soon!

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I shouldnt admit to watching “My Antonio” but it is my guilty pleasure! For those who have never seen the show, its basically like The Bachelor, on this show, a bunch of women competing for the affections of Antonio Sabato Jr. Last week they held a mock wedding with three of the contenders. My least favorite pick for Antonio is Brooke (I think shes fake) happened to be wearing the most beautiful wedding dress. (BTW my pick for Antonio is Tully, his ex-wife, also a contender on the show)

Antonio has aged well, hasn’t he? Why do men often age so much better than women?!

Just wanted to recap the beautiful wedding of The Black Eyed Peas Member rapper Taboo to Jaymie Dizon. On Valentine’s Day, Taboo surprised Dizon with a trip to a Beverly Hills jeweler where they co-designed her 3-carat cushion-cut engagement ring

Celebrity guests included the other members of The Black Eyed Peas and Fergie and Transformers star Josh Duhamel

The reception was a festive event, decked out in red and white

The happy couple wore his and hers diamond and platinum bands, and she had a platinum and diamond engagement sparkler