A Tour of the Los Angeles Diamond District

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Here’s a tour of the Los Angeles Diamond District. If you haven’t been to the Jewelry District before, it’s a good video to watch and you can know a bit more of what to expect before you drive to Downtown Los Angeles. The video tour of The Diamond District covers Pershing Square, the Jewelers Mall, St. Vincent Jewelry Center and the New York Jewelers Exchange where INTA Gems & Diamonds is located.

According to the Los Angeles Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau, it is the largest jewelry district in the United States. The annual reported sales from the Jewelry District is over $2 billion. The Jewelry District comprises close to 5,000 businesses, with vendors on Hill Street, Olive Street, and Broadway between 5th and 8th Streets. The saavy shopper can find designer jewelry, precious stones, and gold and silver items.

INTA Gems and Diamonds is located in the heart of the Los Angeles Diamond & Jewelry District on Hill Street between 6th & 7th Street. Send us an email at intainfo@intagems.com if you have any questions.

O.D. and Danielle are a step closer

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Mark (O.D.) and Danielle are in love and ready to make that step. Mark’s an alumni from Valley Christian High School where Steve and I went to school. And it’s great to see our old friends!

Congrats Mark & Danielle!!!

Daryl Flew all the Way from Sacremento to Buy the Diamond from INTA Gems!


Daryl did his research online, and found a diamond ring that was perfect, and he flew all the way from Sacremento to buy his ring for us. We thought he had other people he was going to see while he was in LA or had other business… but no, he flew in just to buy his ring from INTA Gems! Makes us feel like Rock Stars…. I guess that’s what we are… keke…

Thanks Daryl!!!

That Special Kiss!


Anthony, Nalya and Zeta stopped by to get their ring! And look at Zeta checking out that special kiss! ha ha ha… so cute!

Remember this Scott – “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

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Yanna & Scott got their engagement rings from us a few months ago and they were back for more! Wedding bands were in the works because the wedding is coming up soon… in Malibu. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding. Yanna had a big smile and reminded Scott, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Ya, I think that’s so true! ha ha ha..

Aloha Terry Gets A Diamond for Hawaii!

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Terry just got his diamond engagement ring for INTA Gems & Diamonds. Janet, who is an INTA Gems client, referred him and they got a beautiful diamond ring for Terry’s girlfriend. Glenn also came along to give friendly advise on the diamonds too!

Congrats Terry and have a great wedding in Hawaii!

They Don’t Grow Emeralds in Texas

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Referred by a close friend, Manny came all the way from Texas to the Golden State to find the perfect gem-quality emerald here at Inta Gems for his sweetheart for graduation. It was specially set in white gold as a beautiful pendant necklace. She’s sure to love it and love him for it!