Tamiko, Raquel and Shanna for No H8 Campaign

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Shanna Moakler, former Miss USA, and Tamiko Nash, Miss California USA 2006 (1st Runner Up Miss USA) and Raquel Beezley, Miss California USA 2008 (Top 15 Miss USA), just shot the “No H8” campaign shot by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska that wil promote civil rights and equality in California.

Christian Gets His Diamond Ring

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Christian came all the way from Newport Beach to get his diamond ring from INTA Gems! He and his girlfriend, Fatima, looked and found the perfect round stone which we set in a 4-prong solitaire.

Christian is in the leasing business, so if you’re a business looking to purchase some equipment for your company and are looking for some financing, call Christian at Genesis Commerical Capital (949) 428-5532. He’ll give you a great deal deal!

If you’re looking for a diamond ring, call INTA Gems & Diamonds! We can help you in that area. :-)

Congratulations Christian and Fatima!

The Future Doctors – Mark & Jenn at INTA Gems

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Here’s a few snapshot of Mark & Jenn… both are in graduate school and are future doctors!! Mark’s going to dentistry school and we gave him a few gemstones so that if works on a “grill” which are the blinged out teeth that rappers use… he can get some extra-bonus points in school… wouldn’t it be funny if I had a grill?! ha ha ha… But, we also took a few photos of Mark & Jenn at the store. Great looking couple! And they got their rings from INTA Gems & Diamonds.

Mark and I Know about Tungsten Strong!

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Mark bought a Tungsten ring from us a while ago and we started to talk about the different metals that men use. Platinum, white gold, titanium, and tungsten. Well, we started to discuss how a lot of people think that Tungsten is so strong that you can’t remove or cut it off in a medical emergency. We googled it and found out that it’s not true. You can cut it off and and with a vice grip and it actually shatters and will just fall off the hand. So, everybody out there, if you like Tungsten and want to buy, but were afraid that it was too strong. No worries… Mark and I know that it’s all good.

Here’s a video about how you can remove a Tungsten ring in a medical emergency.

B & T having some fun at INTA

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Teresa and Brian purchased their princess cut diamond engagement ring at INTA Gems and they came back to purchase their women and men’s wedding band! Pretty much all the wedding preparations have been set and they plan on taking their wedding photos tomorrow. Teresa got to have a little bit of fun trying on our Rubelite Diamond Necklace and matching diamond earrings. The Rubelite has a total weight of 27.13ct…talk about a big stone! Congrats to this adorable couple and we wish them the best of luck!

Flower Girl Kailee Video

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Doesn’t Steve’s little girl, Kailee look adorable?! She’s the got the butterfly wings on for Sophie and Yul’s wedding. So cute!

Stirling’s Got the Violin and the Diamonds!

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Stirling is a USC graduate student working on his Ph.D at the School of Music. He got his diamond ring from INTA Gems & Diamonds and is ready for the next big step in life. Stirling had his violin with him when he came to the store and he showed it to me with his 200-year old bow… he told me how much it cost… wow… like add a thousand dollars to each year and you get the amount.. a lot of money! It’s crazy! But, of course, he got a good deal on his diamond ring with us. Here’s a few photos of us together at the store.

And check out Stirling at a music recital at USC playing with his classmate who’s on guitar. Beautiful music… beautiful diamonds.

Love Travels from California to Delaware

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Simon and Hermina just got engaged at our store! Simon is originally from England and Hermina is doing her MBA at USC at Marshall Business School. And in few weeks, they’ll be together in Delaware. We thought it was pretty cool that they got their diamond ring from us here in Los Angeles. They got a beautiful round diamond solitiare 1.30 ct F/VS2 Excellent cut grade. It’s such a beautiful diamond for a beautiful, really nice, couple! Congrats!