Sophie & Yul Get Married Tomorrow!!!

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Happy times, my cousin, Sophie is getting married tomorrow in San Francisco to Yul Kwon, Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands. My parents, Jerry and Connie, just flew out today and my brother, Steve and I will be flying out tomorrow for the wedding and reception. It’s going to be a small, intimate wedding in San Ramon and of course, Sophie is going be decked out in INTA Gems diamonds! Yeah!

TV Guide Channel will be be filming the wedding for an upcoming special on former Survivor Winners – Where are they now? And so you may see Steve or me doing the chicken dance or other freaklishly funny dancing along the way… keke… I just got back from my trip to Israel, and so, I definitely got my groove from the cool Tel Aviv people… keke…

A Promise is Worth a Thousand Words


Debora A. just purchased a lovely 14K white gold amethyst diamond ring for her daughter Christine. The amethyst stone is not only Christine’s favorite color, but her birthstone! The promise ring is symbolic of her faith, loyalty, and love for her parents and God.

Both are a part of our fellow Valley Christian High family. In fact, Debora is a teacher at the school, while her daughter is a sophmore. Good luck with everything! You’ll be in our prayers!

A Big Diamond for a Great Deal

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Thaddeus just bought a 2.00 carat princess cut diamond ring with baguettes on the side. He did a lot of research to find this stone and was happy with the results. He got a big diamond without breaking his budget. Congrats to Thaddeus and his soon to be fiance! We wish you two the best of luck in the future!

A Prayer at the Western Wall – Jerusalem, Israel


My trip to Israel is coming to an end and I’ll be back in Los Angeles next week. I’ve got to see and do so many things, it’s been truly amazing. It was blessing for me to be in Jerusalem this past Sunday for Passover and Easter. I visited the holy sites and one of them was the Western (Wailing) Wall which is regarded as the holiest place for the Jewish faith. The tradition is that you write your prayers on a piece of paper and insert them into the Wall. I wrote many for family, friends, myself, and a special one for everybody who has been connected to INTA Gems & Diamonds. As a family business, we are SO thankful for all of you.

Here’s our prayer to you from Jerusalem, Israel, April 2009.

Happy EASTER!!!


My allergies continue to remind me that spring is in the air! Despite my itchy eyes and runny nose I LOVE the colorful blooming flowers and the warmer weather… Summer, here we come!

Among the many joys of spring, one of my FAVORITE things of the season is EASTER!! I vividly remember racing against my brothers to find the most hidden eggs and making the whole house smell like vinegar from dying hard boiled “easter eggs.” And of course, any student’s favorite… SPRING BREAK, which always accompanies the holiday!I’m grieving this year over the loss of future spring breaks, this may be my last one EVER, ahhh :(

All the fun and lighthearted memories aside, I really do love Easter, not only for the break from school, but also for what it means to me as I reflect upon why we celebrate. I have grown to love going to church every year with my family on Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning to celebrate together the death and resurrection of JESUS when he died for us on the cross! It’s an old story, but still so rich with meaning and HOPE for me! To me, this is the real reason for celebrating.

I’m looking forward to going to church tomorrow and celebrating with my family and friends the AMAZING LOVE of God. I hope you all have a very happy and hopeful Easter holiday and take a few minutes to remember why we celebrate.

The Fortress Masada


To give an update on my trip to Israel, I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do, which was to visit the historial Masada. It was such a awe-inpsiring site and it overlooked the Dead Sea. For those, who do not know the story, Masada sit on top of a mountain and was the stronghold for the Jewish against the Romans. There was a Hollywood movie made about the story and how the story ended… well.. let’s say that it was heroic… even to the very end.

A Lovely Ring for a Lovely Couple

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Peter R. and Ksenia are a sweet couple that recently got engaged! Congrats to the both of them! They got their engagement ring and wedding band from us. The engagement ring was a six prong platinum solitaire with a round brilliant cut diamond of D color, VS2 clarity. We wish this lovely couple the best of luck!!!

Miss California USA at the Miss USA Pageant 2009!

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Our own, Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA 2009, is in Las Vegas right now preparing for the MISS USA pageant that will be airing next week on April 19 on NBC. It’s day two and we hear from Carrie that she’s having a great time with all the photoshoots, interviews and prep for the show. All the way, she’ll be blinged out at the Miss USA pageant in INTA Gems & Diamonds’ jewelry.