Shalom from Israel!


I’ve been have a great time in Israel for some R&R. Most of my time has been spent in Tel Aviv. Yesterday was the 100 year anniversary of the city of Tel Aviv and there was a HUGE celebration throughout the streets. The city is so full of life. I’m heading to Nazareth tomorrow. Here are some photos from my trip so far. I’ll be back at INTA Gems soon.

BTW- my parents know that I’m here in Israel… so, it’s not a secret anymore… keke…

All the Way from England

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Cynthia C. came into INTA Gems with her friend Jill. She purchased an alexandrite diamond ring, alexandrite pendant, and alexandrite earrings from us and came all the way from England! Wow, that’s a long trip! But, well worth it! We’re happy to welcome outside visitors and hope we made her trip pleasant. We hope to see you both soon again! Enjoy Los Angeles!!

Charming Soren @ INTA Gems

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Soren just bought an INTA Gems & Diamond ring and is ready to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal! He’s cute and a charmer too. Watch the video… keke…

The center stone was a beautiful brilliant round cut diamond weighing 1.02ct, G color, and SI2 clarity. The dazzling stone was set in a magnificent 18K white gold diamond setting with 128 sidestones with the total weight of 0.68ct.

He was extremely ecstatic with the ring and we wish him the best of luck!

Blue Sapphire Feng Shui for Richard!

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Richard got a Gorgeous Unheated Blue Sapphire for his girlfriend. The sapphire has a soft sweet bluish violet color set in a platinum and diamond ring which is such a lovely color.  

We set the sapphire with an East-West direction to give it a harmonious look and produce good Feng Shui for his future relationship.  Richard was also very curious about our heritage and culture and infact learnd a few words in Chinese and Cambodian.  Quite a clever guy!  

We wish Richard and his family all the best in the upcoming engagement and life together!

Steve and everyone at INTA GEMS!

Before you go to Japan… you gotta do one thing!

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Noriko’s on her way to Japan and guess where she came to visit first?! INTA Gems & Diamonds for some new jewelry. Noriko LOVES her diamond bracelet and ring that she just purchased from us. She lives in San Diego now, but made a special trip to see us. That’s really cool! Cause we love seeing people from SD! Have a safe trip to Japan and we hope to see you soon!!

Sunlight & Moonlight – INTA Gems & Diamonds Photoshoot

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We’re proud to present the INTA Gems & Diamonds Sunlight & Moonlight Photos fom the Miss California USA photoshoot we worked on several weeks ago.

In the photos, you’ll see:

Sunlight- Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA 2009

Moonlight – Chelsea Gilligan, Miss California Teen USA 2009

Carrie is wearing the Splendor Tanzanite & Diamond Necklace and Earrings. Chelsea glows in the Blue Denim Sapphire Star Design. Designs by Peter Young.

We’ll be using the photos at our store, in print and on the web.

Special thanks to my dear friend, Kal Yee, our BRILLIANT photogapher and artist, who worked to conceptionalize our “Sunlight & Moonlight” theme. And thank you Carrie & Chelsea! You both look absolutely stunning!

Watch all the action from the behind-the-scenes video at the INTA Gems & Diamonds Sunlight & Moonlight photoshoot. Click “HQ” for higher resolution.

Peter at the Pyramids – Inspirational Stones


Yesterday, I met up with Yasmine and her sister are from Egypt! She was recommended by my good friend, Faye. Yasmine was looking for a cushion cut diamond for her engagement!

Egyptians are such warm, hospitable people. And I have to say that going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids was a life-changing experience for me. It was incredible to marvel at what WE HUMANS CAN DO! The HUGE stone blocks that built the pyramids are GIGANTIC. It was awe inspiring to see how ingenious and clever those Egyptians are.

Now, I find it somewhat ironic that I now work with a lot smaller stones like diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Nonetheless, I still see what tremendous meaning stones can have on a life. It’s a gift to see people’s eyes when they open one of our jewelry boxes with something special inside…. it carries so much meaning.

For me, looking at the great stones of pyramids, made me think, smile, dream, and aspire.

I hope that when you look at your gem stones from INTA Gems, it will also make you smile, grin, marvel and… well… feel inspired.

Peter is Gravy with 4-Wheel Biscuits!!


Sofia came in ALL THE WAY from OKLAHOMA to get her diamond ring from us. Wow! We have a setting called the “Sophie Setting” that was designed for my cousin, Sophie. And guess what, Sofia LOVED it!! And we got a beautiful 1.51 ct radiant diamond to go with the ring. Super sparkly. Sophie said that she was SO HAPPY with the ring and our service.

Sofia’s so cute… called me “GRAVY… with 4 wheel biscuits!” Huh?! Sophia explained that’s Southern talk for something really, really FANTASTIC…. ha ha ha… I love it!!

Sophia brought her cool, SuPeR-FuN sister, Suzie, who’s from Cerritos and lives across the street from Valley Christian High School… Steve’s and my alma mater… again… we all think it was just meant to be.

Later Y’Alll!