Trader Joes @ UCLA


Hey GuyZ!
It’s Erica again, I’m just happy that UCLA now has a Trader Joes conveniently located near campus in Westwood Village, on Glendon Ave. I absolutely love the food there!! And 1 hour parking is located right next door. Check it out!

Make-A-Wish Faye!!

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I grant diamond wishes now, but 10 years ago, I was a volunteer WISH GRANTER for the Make-A-Wish Foundation while I was in college. And I had a SUPER amazing Wish Partner, who granted wishes with me, Faye! The most kind-hearted, honest, caring person you’ll ever meet.

There is a tremendous need for active volunteers to grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesss like cancer and HIV. Also, there were a lot of kids from Spanish speaking only families. And since I was learning Spanish in school. I thought, why not put it to good use?! So, Faye and I granted about 15 wishes together. Faye granted a lot more with other wish partners, but I think she would still think that I’m her favorite wish partners… keke…

We granted wishes for computers, DJ system, trips to Disneyland, etc. It was so much fun to see the kids & family BIG SMILES from our work at Make-A-Wish.

And Faye, stopped by today to get some jewelry repair work done. She bought diamond earrings and earrings from me a while back and still gets stopped by people staring at it… ha ha… that’s what we like to hear!

Our diamond rings are beautiful and GORGEOUS, but I think that nothing can actually match the sparkle and MAGIC of a truly BEAUTIFUL PERSON with the most caring heart, my good friend, Faye. :-)


Join the UCLA Bruin Walk for Cause!


Hey GuyZ!
I’m ErIcA, a part of the INTA Gems crew and currently a third year UCLA student. I major in SoCiOloGYand minor in AsIaN aMeRiCaN sTuDiEs. One of the fun things HaPpEnNiNgS at UCLA is The Bruin Run/Walk on Sunday, April 5th, 2009 @ 6AM to 10:30AM. It’s an annual 5k Run/Walkathon geared towards helping to raise money for the Child Life/Child Development program at the Mattel Children’s UCLA Hospital. All proceeds go directly to the hospital. Come enjoy LiVe EnTeRtAiNmEnT, fReE fOoD, pRiZe GiVeAwAyS, a SiLeNt AuCtIoN, and a fun Kids Korner for children. Celebrity guest Dakota Fanning will be there. This is the perfect family event, all my fellow Bruins and Westwood locals should come out and support! The event will be at the Wilson Plaza. I’ll be there supporting my friends and I hope to see you guys there!

Best Diamond Clarities for You?

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Many people ask me what clarities to get in a diamond. Is a flawless the best stone? Here’s what I would recommend.

-Flawless and Internally Flawless are for the perfectionists and people with lots of money in the bank.
-VVS clarities are for those collectors who want almost perfections without paying -the price of a Flawless
-VS are for quality buyers.
-SI’s are for value buyers.

I, personally, like VS to SI Clarities stones and think people should put the money on SIZE. I purchased for my wife, Anna, who works at CBS finanace department a princess cut 1.50 ct. F Color VS2 clarity. It’s a GORGEOUS diamond and Anna gets a lot of compliments on it everyday.

After being happily married for 4 1/2 years; She never complained about the quality but she did about the size. I guess it’s time to get a bigger stone since 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is rolling around.

Soon, Anna, soon!

Anna and Steve at Puerta Vallarta Mexico on our Honeymoon in August, 2004

Steve Pheng
Graduate Gemologist

Lady Gaga at Miss Universe 2008!

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After watching POKER FACE… had to watch JUST DANCE… really catchy song. And I still remember LADY GaGa performing Just Dance watching Miss UNIVERSE 2008 on the TV, and saw her perform it live in Vietnam. I don’t think she lip syncs like Britney Spears, but actually SINGS on stage! Wow! Impressive!

BTW- Venezuela wins Miss Universe 2009. She’s pretty, but I still like Riyo Mori from last year Miss Universe better though.

Hangin at the Lady Gaga – Poker Face – House!

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So, I’m watching Lady Gaga’s Poker Face music video and I suddenly realize! That I recognize the HOUSE where GaGa strutts her stuff! It’s my FRIENDS’s house, Steve & Rita! Like the Real Life Malibu Barbie that I posted about last week! So cool. I need a swim Rita! ha ha ha… maybe I can sit by the pool and you we can MAKE A VIDEO…

But seriously, they offered the house for a INTA Gems & Diamonds Miss California USA photoshoot for me if I want… hmmm…. maybe the next INTA Gems’ Miss California USA photoshoot?!!

Shalom Jeff, Yael & Dylan! It’s Israel Baby!

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Only one more week and I’ll be in Tel Aviv, Israel. My FIRST time! I’m LUCKY because I’ve got some good Israeli guides! My FRIENDS, Yael & Jeff! They flew all the way from Israel, and I had lunch with them today in LA with our friend and photographer EXTRORDINAIRE Kal Yee and their baby, Dylan! Ahhh… how CUTE?!

Several years ago, I helped Jeff & Yael with their HEART SHAPED DIAMOND EngagementRing and now they’re helping me with my Hebrew! Shalom Baby! You’re a Snack! (which means you’re CUTE in colloquial Hebrew!) keke…

Mark & Signy- Memories of Super Fatty Cat Atticus!

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Don’t Signy & Mark make a good looking couple?! Mark & Signy both got their engagement rings and wedding bands! So, nice… like family. And GO DODGERS!!!

Mark is related to ROBIN & Jeff who are my Grandma Jerry’s neighbors. What my bro, Steve, and I remember most about Robin was their FAT CAT ATTICUS! He was HUGE, everybody thought the cat was PREGNANT, but of course, Robin would say… Atticus is a boy!

Atticus would also jump from Robin’s room to my Grandma’s roof, and you could hear a BOOM! And the house would shake like an EaRtHquaKE! My grandma would yell! “ATTTICUUSSS!!!!”

Sadly, FATTTTYYY Atticus is dead, but LOOK, here’s a clip of his cousin FAT GOLIATH!

Goliath is FAT! But I think Atticus was FATTER!

A Stronger Nation


It’s sometimes hard to listen to the news nowasdays. And I would admit, like most everybody else in America, that my family has had to make changes to our business and our lives to suit the times.

However, this is America!! We’re a STRONG NATION with truly AMAZING PEOPLE. These difficult times will pass and better times are still ahead for everybody. That’s what my entire family prays for everyday. Keep FOCUSED, work hard, and continue to try to help others around you when you can. That’s the best we can all do and you’ll see… life will be better very soon. The BEST for our nation is still yet to come.