The Baby Boom at INTA Gems & Diamonds


If you haven’t heard yet, Corinna just had a baby boy, Aiden, on Jan 11th.

And my cousin, Brandon, had a baby boy 2 weeks ago, Franklin!

I’m proud to say Corinna chose the name I suggested, Aiden. Corinna & Tommy had a celebration dinner where we first got to see Aiden in person. He’s got a very expressive face! He smile, grins, winces, cries and stares… he should be a model or actor!

The funniest moment was when my father, Jerry, picked Aiden up. Aiden was wincing at first and then my Dad started talking. Aiden looked up and looked like he recognized my father! I really think he heard my father’s voice so much when Corinna was pregnant, that he knew who my father was! We all that was pretty funny. Smart baby!

GIA Certified Diamonds

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Those of you looking for an Ideal Cut diamond should consider searching for a Diamond that is accompanied with a GIA certificate with a Excellent to a Very Good Cut Grade.

GIA is the most recognized laborotory in the world including, Asia, Europe, South America and of course the U.S.

Look for a diamond certificate cut grade that is Excellent to Very Good.
That way you know you are insured to getting a quality cut.

Steve Pheng
GIA Graduate Gemologist

Four Leaf Clover or Emerald Ring?

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I was watching this video on YouTube. And they say you need a little splash of green to be Irish! It’s almost midnight on St. Patrick’s Day… and just one last question? Would you want a four leaf clover or an Emerald and Diamond Ring to celebrate like the Irish?

I guess I can see the benefits to both.

With the four leaf clover, you’d be really lucky. With the three stone emerald ring… well… who need luck when you have a beauty like this?

If you have problems finding that 4-leaf clover, you know where to find the emeralds!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Especially to Stephanie’s Mom!


Happy St. Paddy’s Day Everybody!

I have a client, Stephanie, who came all the way from the OC. She brought in her Mom who’s from Ireland. She had her green Happy St. Patrick’s Day shirt on today, so cute! Steph’s Mom and I talked about Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Dance, and well… my FAVORITE beer, GUINNESS!

When I lived in New York, I had a British friend of mine, who use to bring me out to the British pub and we’d drink Guinness Draft until the weeee hours of the morning! Did you all know they have a special way of pour it… 4 steps, I know…

Since coming back to LA, people aren’t into drinking such thick dark brews… but if you’re out and about today… and since the luck of the Irish should be with you… enjoy a Guinness!

And Stephanie, next time, bring you’re Mom to the store again! We’ll leave you here with the diamonds rings at INTA Gems, and I’ll go have a few at Casey’s Irish Pub down the street with your Mom! After a few beers, I know I can finally get her to teach me how to clog!!

Here’s a video of Michael Flatley’s Lord of Dance. After a few Guinnesses… can you see me dancing like this?! ha ha ha… those Irish! But, I’m not wearing those black leather pants! No, no, no! ha ha ha!

Look at Michael Flatley gyrate his hips! ha ha ha.. I can’t stop laughing… now that takes TALENT! You gotta be Irish to be able to could do that! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everybody!!!

Real Life Malibu Barbie Dream House!

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You might have heard it on the news, but Barbie (the doll) just had her 50th birthday. And Mattel (makers of Barbie) created a real life Malibu Barbie house! And guess who’s house did they use?! My friends, Steve and Rita’s house!

Well… I have to say that their house is pretty amazing. Mattel had celebrity interior designer, Jonathan Adler, decorate that house (no… that’s not what Rita and Steve’s house normally looks like). And there’s been all these amazing parties at the house since.

Rita wore my “Vinissimo” Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings to the red… well… “Pink Carpet” event. So awesome, I’ll post pictures of Rita and Steve later. And some other cool pics that I get from the event.

Their house in Malibu is… well…. are… pretty HUMONGOUS… did I spell that right? Oh ya, did I tell you they have more than one house?! Ya, we’re talking MTV CRIBS AWESOME!

BTW- Steve and Rita are pregnant with their first baby! And we all went out on Friday to the Sage Room with good friend, Raena, to celebrate! We sat in the private back table (our host told us that Britney Spears and Mel Gibson always request our table for the privacy… I should have sat longer… maybe I could win a Grammy or Oscar?!) If you like homestyle Italian food, the Sage Room is perfect… had pasta, salad, red wine. During dinner, Steve was telling me he was having sympathy pregnancy symptoms… I think had them too… I ate too much… ha ha ha.

Congrats to Steve & Rita!!!

Kogi- LA Street Food Taco Style


So, some of you all may know my friends, Mark and Caroline Manguera, opened a new business. He used to work at the Ritz Carlton and Beverly Hilton hotel. Caroline works at the Four Season Hotel. Well, Mark came up this incredible idea over a late night of drinking and late night hunger. Korean BBQ tacos!

He got his bud, Roy Choi, from the Beverly Hilton and Rock Sugar and started rollin… so a 5-star chef on a taco truck! Pretty cool and perfect recession food.

In 4 months, he’s got a cult following that has to be seen and tasted to believe. The lines are 2-3 hours long in some stops. Take a look at the photos of the people waiting in line! He was so busy, I helped him out for a couple of weeks in Febuary.

Some people were asking everybody at the INTA Gems, “Where’s Peter?!!”

Peter’s on the taco truck!!

Sounds crazy…. Well… it’s not an ordinary Taco Truck. Kogi has been written up in Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, International Herald Tribune, New York Times and Newsweek!! It’s the biggest food craze hitting the Streets of Los Angeles. And Mark’s working on his new New York venture… and a lot more stuff… He’s worked hard and he deserves the success. I’m really happy for Caroline & Mark.

BTW- check out Caroline’s HUGE diamond ring… that’s INTA Gems & Diamonds Bling Bling on her hand!

So, if you want some AMAZING $2 tacos and some hip “Kogi Kulture” (I helped coin that term)… then hit up Kogi!

Jenn & Jeff’s Diamond Ring – MTV & Medium cool!

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Jeff & Jenn (awesome people) got this diamond engagement ring from us. Jeff is really cool. He owns his own biz and edited shows for MTV! That’s pretty important to my life… as I’ve watched a lot of MTV! But, I still can’t dance like Usher… ha ha ha. I wish I could… maybe one day…. Jeff, you gotta edit my head with Usher’s body!

Jeff works now for NBC cutting for the show Medium!… I see a wedding in the future… I wonder…. whooooo…..

So, I made a little post of Jeff and his beautiful and super nice, beautiful fiance, Jenn.

Congrats Jeff & Jenn!

Flash Flash Baby Photoshoot!

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We had a photoshoot with Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA 2009 and Chelsea Gilligan, Miss California Teen USA 2009. Are they gorgeous?!!!

We also took some photos with Steve and Anna’s baby, Kylee. Maybe one day, she’ll be the next Miss California USA or Miss California Teen USA! She’s cute enough. Here are the cute photos, and I’ll be posting more of the behind-the-scene stuff soon.

Hey Baby! Flash! Flash! Flash! Hey Baby Kylee! Look here! Smile… ha ha ha….

Lisa and Greg’s Hug It Engagement Ring and Wedding Band!

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Greg and Lisa got a beautiful three stone diamond ring for us! A real beauty! Lisa wanted a matching wedding band that would fit her ring which had channeled set princess cut diamonds down the sides. As with all three stone rings, it’s kinda hard to get the three stone diamond ring to fit flush with a wedding band with a straight edge. After trying on a bunch of rings, we came up with a “Hug-it” Ring! Basically, a middle ring that would be contoured up to the engagement ring and a wedding band can smoothly fit against it. This way the wedding band and the engagement ring can be worn separately and not look funny. I’m pretty happy with the results and so were Greg & Lisa. The rings looks AWESOME together! Love it!