Pretty in Pink

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Love is in the air this upcoming February as Valentine’s Day approaches. And what better way to express your love and affection than with a gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond jewelry!

While many people associate sapphires with the color blue, pink sapphires have been gaining popularity in recent years. Due to their lovely color and generally excellent clarity, pink sapphires are now on par with blue sapphires in terms of their popular demand. They range in a wide variety of tones from baby pink to hot pink, all of which are equally attractive and hugely popular. Nonetheless, the ones with a more intense tone of color (i.e. hot pink) are rarer and thus command a higher price. What gives pink sapphires their lovely color are trace amounts of chromium. And if their is an extremely high content of chromium, then the stone would be red in color and considered a ruby.

Besides the qualities of hue, tone, saturation, and clarity, the size of a pink sapphire also bears a major impact on its price. Pink sapphires below and around one carat weight are quite common whereas larger pieces over 4 carats are very rare.
Like their blue counterparts, pink sapphires also make great alternatives to diamond because of their hardness rating of a 9 out of 10 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale (10 being the hardest substance-a diamond). And pink sapphires are natural stones a part of the corundum mineral family. And although it is a natural colored gemstone, like almost all gemstones, it is heat-treated (a commonly safe practice done to 90% of gemstones to enhance the color).
So for this Valentine’s Day, make pink sapphires the number one choice for the perfect romantic and sweet gift to give your loved one. It will definitely be a Valentine’s Day that she’ll always remember. For more information on pink sapphires or to see a selection, please contact INTA Gems & Diamonds at 213-689-9650.
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Trip to Sri Lanka

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Recently Jerry Pheng Young went to Ratnapura, Sri Lanka to get a handful of new colored gemstones. This wonderful journey inspired Jerry share this amazing trip experience with you.

Throughout history Sri Lanka has been known as the “Gem Island” because of their vast array of colored gemstones. In fact, Marco Polo once wrote that the area contains the best selection of natural sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other colored gemstones. Additionally, the unique color, clarity, and luster of blue sapphires from Sri Lanka have made this region widely popular. These gorgeous stones have a hardness of 9 (on the Moh’s hardness scale), making them a perfect alternative to a diamond (10 on the Moh’s hardness scale). The sapphires from Sri Lanka are so distinct in color and brilliance that they even have their own name-Ceylon Blue Sapphires.

Today, Ceylon blue sapphires have been in high demand on the colored gemstone market. They make the perfect alternative to a diamond for engagement rings. However, during Jerry’s trip to Sri Lanka, he realized that the supply of Ceylon blue sapphires are at a scarcity this year due to heavy rains that have flooded the gemstone mines. As a result, Ceylon blue sapphires are becoming more rare. At INTA Gems, we carry a selection of Ceylon blue sapphires that have been hand-picked by Jerry.

To learn more about blue sapphires, click here.

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How To Test Gold

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Have you ever wondered how we test our gold? Wonder no more. In this video, Christina explains just how we do that.

Hope’s New Ring!


Hope and her loving husband, Ruben, visited us at INTA Gems this week to upgrade her setting. She fell in love with a knockout of a ring which really accentuated her center stone. It has tapered baguettes on either side, a diamond halo, and pave diamonds all around. Congratulations on your new ring, Hope!

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Prince Charming Weds His Long-time Love

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Prince William, 28, proposed to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton, also 28, with Princess Diana’s original engagement ring last month while the two were vacationing in Kenya.

In 1981, Lady Diana Spencer chose that same sapphire ring for her engagement to Prince Charles from a selection presented to her by the then Crown jewelers Garrard of Mayfair. The ring retailed at £28,500 but was an unusual choice for a member of the Royal Family, because it was such a common ring that anyone could publicly buy from the Garrard catalog.

The ring features a large 12.00 carat oval shaped Ceylon sapphire center and 14 round cut diamonds surrounding the sapphire in a diamond halo. The ring is elegantly crafted from 18K white gold. Diana’s choice of a blue sapphire sparked a real trend among sapphire and diamond engagement rings that are still popular today among celebrities such as Penelope Cruz!

When asked about why Prince William gave his mother’s ring to Kate, he said: “It’s very special to me. As Kate’s very special to me now, it was right to put the two together…It was my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement, and the fact that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Talk about a truly romantic and sentimental prince charming! Congrats to the lovely couple!


Love All Tennis Ace Maria Sharpova Wins the Heart of Lakers Sasha Vujacic!

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L.A. Lakers player Sasha Vujacic proposed to his girlfriend, tennis player Maria Sharapova with a diamond engagement ring worth about $250,000, according to sources. The beautiful engagement ring is an estimated 9-carat cushion-cut diamond with smaller diamonds along the sides and is set in platinum.

After a year of dating during their one year anniversary, Vujacic proposed to her at his house in Manhattan Beach, California. The two began dating in 2009 after meeting at a barbecue gathering through mutual friends.

Sasha confirmed the big news before the Lakers’ exhibition game against Golden State saying, “We are both engaged and both really happy. It’s good and now we can focus on other things.” Another win for the tennis ace, Maria Sharpova and her basketball Lakers champion player, Sasha. ;)