Jessica Simpson’s Engagement to former NFL Player Eric Johnson!

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When it came to finding the perfect engagement ring for singer, Jessica Simpson, former NFL player, Eric Johnson made sure the ring was truly symbolic of their love. He wanted to give Jessica something truly romantic and special. Eric proposed with a beautifully stunning three-stone yellow gold ruby and diamond ring. Three-stone rings are the perfect engagement rings that represent your past, present, and future together. The ring features one large rare ruby that weighs over 5.00 carats to represent not only Jessica’s birthstone, but is also symbolic of representing love. The ruby has a romantic red color hue that symbolizes the beauty and passion that is found in love. Accompanying the gorgeous ruby are two pear-shaped diamonds that weigh more than 5.00 carats total weight and are flanked along the ruby. The whole ring is crafted from yellow gold. Talk about a massive declaration of love!

The Making of the Miss California Teen USA Crown Preview

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INTA Gems & Diamonds and the Miss California USA organization is dedicating the new Miss California Teen USA Crown to the Love is Louder Campaign. Here are previews of the crown.

The Love is Louder was started by actress Brittany Snow, The Jed Foundation and MTV to build on the outpouring of support online after the lives of multiple teenagers were lost to suicide in September 2010.

This movement strives to amplify the momentum of other inspiring online campaigns and invite anyone who has felt mistreated, misunderstood or isolated into the conversation. We are here to raise the volume around a critical message — that love and support is more powerful than the external and internal voices that bring us down, cause us pain and make us feel hopeless.

Emma Baker, Miss California Teen USA 2010, and Peter Young will be filming a video in two weeks for the Love is Louder campaign.

Miss California Teen USA Crown Design Preview

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I’m currently working on the new Miss California Teen USA Crown and wanted to share the preview of the drawing to everybody. The Teen Crown has a similar feel to the Miss California USA Crown that I designed last year. The main difference that you’ll see in the Teen Crown is that it incorporates a large sun in the center. Part of my inspiration came from Katy Perry’s California Gurls song, “There’s nothing that comes close to the Golden Coast!” lyrics and I wanted to have that as a prominent part of the design.

There are also waves that form along a California coastline border and you’ll also see sun rays which will be made of yellow diamonds in the center of the crown.

In addition to my design team at INTA Gems & Diamonds, Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA, and Emma Baker, Miss California Teen USA, have helped in the design concept. Special thanks to them.

Romantic Rose Gold

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Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy commonly used for specialized jewelry because of its reddish color. Rose gold gets its beautiful rosy pink color from a larger portion of copper in the metal alloy. It is also interchangeably referred to as red gold or pink gold. Despite the various names, the difference between red, rose, and pink gold is the copper content. Simply put, the higher the copper content, the more pronounced the red coloration in the gold is. Just like how pure gold is yellow, pure copper is reddish. And due to its popularity in Russia in the early 19th century, it is also sometimes rarely referred to as Russian gold.

A common alloy for rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper by mass (18K). And because rose gold is an alloy (bonds with other elements), there is no such thing as “pure rose gold.” For red gold, a common formulation is generally 50% gold and 50% copper. And up to 15% zing can be added to copper-rich alloys to change their color to reddish yellow or dark yellow, depending on one’s preference.

For those that want the highest karat possible in rose gold would look to get crown gold, which contains 22K. And 18K red gold consists of 25% copper and 75% gold. For 18K rose gold, there is typically about 4% of silver added to the 75% gold and 21% copper alloys. While 14K red gold (which is commonly found in the Middle East) contains 41.67% of copper alloy.

The price of rose/red gold jewelry is dependent upon the purity of the gold used or karat weight, as well as the design, and craftsmanship of the piece of jewelry.

Rose gold jewelry goes perfectly with warmer toned colored gemstones such as pink, red, yellow, orange, etc. At INTA Gems, we specialize in custom jewelry design work and are happy to assist you in creating gorgeous one of a kind rose gold jewelry.

Gold Care

Proper care for your gold jewelry is important to maintain its lifelong beauty and value. At INTA Gems, we always suggest to place your jewelry safely in a fabric-lined jewelry box during rugged activities such as housekeeping or sports. The protected box will also prevent any scratches on the jewelry. And to keep your gold jewelry clean and lustrous, soak it in a mild solution of soap and warm water. Then gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush (i.e. toothbrush). And if your gold jewelry contains diamonds or other colored gemstones, be sure to check the settings periodically for possible damage. If you see a loose prong, or if the setting looks out of line, immediately bring it back to us at INTA Gems for inspection. At INTA, we offer free lifetime prong checking and tightening on any jewelry purchased from our store.

Daniel and Marisa @ INTA Gems

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A lovely and charming young couple, Daniel and Marisa purchased a gorgeous diamond halo engagement ring at INTA Gems. We’re glad to help such a sweet and fun couple and we wish you guys the best of luck in all the wedding preparations. We look forward to seeing you guys soon! Come visit our INTA Gems family anytime!

Daniel had originally proposed with Marisa’s mother’s ring and then got an additional engagement ring from our store. For more info on their amazing proposal, check out Marisa’s blog! Congrats again guys!

Kimberly & Kevin


Congratulations to Kevin and Kimberly on their upcoming wedding! They came to see us for a wedding band to match the engagement ring Kevin previously purchased from INTA. They decided on a stunning 18 karat white gold band with round brilliant diamonds. We are so happy we were able to help them find a set they will cherish for years to come!

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands


It is very important to us at Inta Gems to make sure we offer the latest styles and newest materials to our customers. In that spirit, we are pleased to announce that we now offer Benchmark brand Cobalt Chrome wedding bands. Cobalt Chrome is a new metal choice which has been engineered for premium performance.
You may already be familiar with Tungsten and Titanium as alternatives to traditional gold or platinum bands. Cobalt Chrome has similar strength and scratch resistance to these metals, but it has some additional features that make it a standout in the alternative metals category.
The first thing one notices is the color. Cobalt Chrome has a bright white color that is almost indistinguishable from white gold and platinum. What this means is that for a fraction of the price of precious metals, one can enjoy the same appearance. And Cobalt Chrome will never loose its bright white finish.

Though a bit less scratch resistant than Titanium and Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome is far more scratch resistant than look-a-like precious metals. It is four times harder than platinum and five times harder than gold! Unlike Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome is also shatterproof.

These new bands are also a pleasure to wear. Having had uses in medical supplies for years, Cobalt Chrome is a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. It is naturally hypoallergenic because it does not contain any alloys that cause negative reactions. Cobalt Chrome also has a comfortable weight, similar to the weight of gold and is available in a wide selection of comfort-fit styles.
If you are deciding which metal is best for your wedding band, consider how Cobalt Chrome would work for you. If you enjoy playing sports or working with your hands, you will appreciate its strength and scratch-resistance. Like many men for whom a wedding band is the first piece of jewelry, you may want a wedding band that is comfortable and low-maintenance in which case you will appreciate the weight, comfort-fit style, and lasting finish and color of Cobalt Chrome. And with the look of white gold at a fraction of the price, Cobalt Chrome could be the perfect alternative for you!