Miss California USA 2010 Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

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We just finished the photoshoot with Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA 2010 and Emma Baker, Miss California Teen USA 2010. The photoshoot went really great. Both modeled some spectacular diamond jewelry from INTA Gems & Diamonds.

The shoot was at Beachwood Studios in Hollywood, CA. Our celebrity photographer, Jurgen Reisch, did an amazing job with the assistance of Christine, Jay and Prisca!


Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of Nicole, and more to come of Emma!

Happy New Year!


Can you believe it’s already 2010?! We can’t either! It’s a brand new year and we are more excited than ever. We look forward to seeing our customers both old and new and hope that the new year brings you health and good fortune. We would also like to remind you that Garnet is the birthstone of January and is a great stone for earrings and pendants. Once again, Happy New Year from Inta Gems!

Meet Miss California USA 2010

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Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA 2010, and Emma Baker, Miss California Teen USA 2010, will be at INTA Gems & Diamonds at 3 to 5 pm tomorrow! The public is welcome to come see the two beautiful state titleholder. And Nicole will be wearing the new Miss California USA Crown designed by INTA Gems & Diamonds.

Special Everlon Diamond Knot Collection

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You’ve probably seen the Everlon Diamond Knot Collection on television and in print ads. It’s a beautiful design sympolizing the strength of love forged in a knot. At INTA Gems, we are offering genuine Everlon jewelry. For example:

A 14k white gold Everlon diamond ring with a 0.75 ct tw. is being sold at Ben Bridge for $2,450. However, we are selling the same ring for only $1,939. And in the spirit of the holidays, we are selling this ring for $1,550 for Christmas. You’ll save a total of $900 if you purchase the ring from us.


Everlon diamond rings, pendants, and earrings, start at $200. So, if you would like to purchase one, please stop by our store or give us a call.

A Big Thank You to Barbara & Mike!

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Designing the Miss California USA Crown was such an honor for me. It was so amazing to have the Crown so prominently displayed on stage and on television. I really wanted to say a really big thank you to everybody that help me work on the design and production, especially Mike Gunulian and Barbara Lunger. They are the king and queen in my book! Oh… how I wish both of you could have been there at the pageant to see our hard work on display! Next year you must come!! And special thank you to Eriko, Emilio, Ko. I couldn’t have done this without all of you. Where ever we go, we know that all of our hard work paid off. And it’s because of a lot of talented people that this happened on-time and ready for the new Miss California USA.

The Miss California USA Crown is the biggest project that we have worked on it’s really an honor to make it, and also an honor to also work with such great people. You always want work with reliable, talented people you know can do good work, but to work with people that you love, that’s even better. Definitely… Love unites and with the new Miss California USA Crown, it shows.

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Unveiling the Miss California USA Crown Video

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It was an honor to show the world the new Miss California USA Crown that I designed that represents so much about the beauty of California. The design elements incorporates waves, starts and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it’s really about love being at the center of it all.

My parents, Connie and Jerry, were with me as was Tami Farell, Miss California USA, Chelsea Gilligan, Miss California Teen USA, and Kristen Dalton, Miss USA.

The Miss California USA Crown is valued at $100,000.