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Jerry, Connie and I just arrived in Palm Springs and we just delivered the Miss California USA Crown to Keith Lewis. We’re now heading to the Beauty of California dinner at Rivera Hotel for the Unveiling of the Crown tonight at 8 pm.

We got a glimpse of preliminaries and the show looks amazing! And what are they using as the backdrop for the stage! The Miss California USA Crown that I desigend! It’s so exciting. If you aren’t in Los Angeles and want to see the show, you can watch it live on UStream!

Unveiling the Miss California USA Crown Promotes Unity, Love and the Beauty of California

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Nov. 16, 2009 – Los Angeles- After a controversial year in part over Carrie Prejean’s (former Miss California USA) opinion at the 2009 Miss USA® pageant earlier this year, INTA Gems & Diamonds, the Official Jeweler of Miss California USA®, is proud to have designed and crafted the new 2010 Miss California USA® Crown which promotes unity, love and the Beauty of California. The Crown will be unveiled to the public at the Beauty of California dinner at the Rivera Resort in Palm Springs on Saturday, November 21 at 8 pm.

Designed by Peter Young, Creative Director of INTA Gems & Diamonds, the Miss California USA® Crown incorporates many elements of California to symbolize the beauty of the state. Sparkling stars line the border of the crown to represent the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, the curves of the crown bring out the natural beauty of strong glistening waves that flow back and forth, just like the beautiful California coastline.

Peter Young says, “I based the design elements for the Miss California USA® Crown from the natural beauty of California. Also, with the controversy over Carrie Prejean’s opinion regarding gay marriage at the Miss USA® pageant, I wanted my design to present an open view for the next 2010 Miss California USA® titleholder. My wave design represents the different perspectives everybody has because of our diversity in California. I felt a strong need for people to know that although we may have different opinions from opposite sides, the one universal idea that speaks true for all of us is that love unites. Therefore, at the center of the beautifully formed sparkling wave design is a heart. I hope that speaks true to the next Miss California USA”

Keith Lewis, Executive Director of K2 says, “INTA Gems has once again shown it is a leader in vision, design, craftsmanship, and quality with the creation of the 2010 Miss California USA®Crown symbolizing love, unity, and the beauty of California. As the preeminent leader for jewelry and gemstones in California, we are honored to adorn our new Miss California USA with this symbolic and beautifully jeweled masterpiece.”

Handcrafted of silver and gold, the 2010 Miss California USA®Crown will glisten with precious gems including diamonds, diamond simulants, natural sapphire, and pearl. There are a total of 768 stones with a total carat weight of over 50 carats. It will be featured at the 2010 Miss California USA pageant that will be televised on Sunday, Nov 22 on the CW and on My Television television networks. Please check local listing for scheduled program time.

The Miss California USA Crown Design by INTA Gems!

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I got a call from Keith Lewis, Co-Executive Director of K2 Productions, the producers of the Miss California USA Pageant. And he asked me to work on the new Miss California USA crown this year! What an honor it is for me to be working on it. We’ve been working on it for the past 2 weeks on the design and I’m really pleased with the results.

If you look at the design, it may just look like a pretty crown, but if you look at it more closely, you’ll understand that there is a lot of meaning behind my crown design.

The Miss California USA Diamond Crown incorporates many various elements of California to symbolize the beauty of the state. The sparkling stars that line the border of the crown represent the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And the curves of the crown brings out the natural beauty of the strong glistening waves that flow back and forth, just like the beautiful California coastline.

I based the design elements from the natural beauty of California. Also, with the controversy with Carrie Prejean, former Miss California USA, I wanted my design to present a positive view for the next titleholder.

I wanted the wave design to represent the different perspective every individual has. I felt a strong need for people to know that although we may come from different backgrounds and opposite sides, the one universal idea that is ever sure, ever lasting and ever strong is that love unites. Therefore, at the center of the beautifully formed sparkling wave crown design is a heart. Love is at the center of it all.

It’s a work in progress and with the pageant in about 2 weeks, we’ve got a lot of work on our hands. But, I’m super excited about this! Peter

Forged by Love…The Everlon Diamond Knot Collection

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True love is ever-sure, ever-lasting, and ever-strong. And what better way to represent one’s love than with the Everlon Diamond Knot. The Everlon Diamond Knot is a tribute to the unfailing strength and bond of love. A constant reminder that love is the steadfast center of your universe and the foundation on which all things rest.

For centuries, the knot has been a symbol of strength. For countless cultures, it embodies the unbreakable bond of love between a man and a woman. It is often used in marriage ceremonies to symbolically unite the couple. In the past, when more valuable jewelry was not possible, knotted pieces of string was commonly used as a substitute for wedding bands.

Held fast with these traditions, the Everlon Diamond Knot is the strength of love forged in an endless, unfailing knot. It is a symbol that even in the toughest of times-especially in the toughest of times, the strength of your love will never waver. The Everlon represents a tie that will never be broken. However, the only thing stronger than a diamond is love.

Now at INTA Gems & Diamonds, we are proud to offer the Everlon Diamond Knot in silver, 14k white gold, 18K white gold, and platinum starting at just $200. We offer the best prices on the authentic Everlon Diamond Jewelry Collection in Los Angeles.

Please call for more information on in-stock Everlon Diamond Jewelry.

Black Diamonds

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Unknown to many, diamonds do not only come colorless, yellow, and pink but all colors of the spectrum. More highly unknown is the existence of black diamonds. These precious stones, also known as carbonado, are found in Central African Republic and Brazil. Sadly, not much is written about black diamonds, nor what causes their color.

Early research describes the stones having no visible inclusions and being deeply colored throughout. In addition, it attributes the color to small changes in the crystal structure containing small graphite particles evenly dispersed. However, new research declares the color is caused by numerous black inclusions that line the cleavage and fractures in the stone. In other words, in the graphitization process, the cleavages and fractures become lined with graphite when the surface layer of the diamond breaks into converted graphite.

How is this possible?
Diamonds and graphite are conceived of the exact same element, carbon. The difference between the two in their atomic structure which makes graphite extremely soft and diamonds the hardest known substance to man. Not only are black diamonds extremely difficult to cut and polish, but they require the utmost care when setting. In fact, black diamonds have been known to cause damage to polishing laps. Gemologists contribute the high luster to the dark body color and lack of transparency. The facets are extremely sharp, which is uncommon for dark gemstones.

One of the most famous diamonds is The Black Star of Africa, an exquisite 202 carat diamond, being the largest known stone of this color. Another notable black diamond is the Black Orloff, a 67.50 carat cushion shaped stone.
How can you tell if a black diamond is fake?
Artificial black diamonds show a very dark green color at thin edges and are quite transparent under an intense tungsten-halogen light. In addition, 8 out of 9 types of simulants are very soft an do not rate a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness like diamond do.

Black diamonds are becoming increasingly popular in all types of jewelry. At the MTV Video Music awards, Fergie was spotted with a black diamond ring that features a 1/4 center stone with uniform stones around the white gold band.

For more information on our black diamond inventory, feel free to email us at or give us a call at (213) 689-9650.

Megan Fox & Ivanka Trump


Any excuse is a good excuse to post photos of Megan Fox. Guys everywhere rejoiced when they heard that Fox had split from Brian Austin Green (How the heck did “David Silver” rap superstar, land the hottest girl in the world?). Back when they were newly engaged, she was wearing a huge rock, but nowadays even though she has reunited with Green, she is no longer wearing the ring…

From Intagems customers, Caitlin and Jose just returned from their honeymoon in the Dominican and sent us this engagement photo!

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner wed this past Sunday and you can imagine, being the Trump family, they spared no expenses. The ceremony entertained 500 guests. Trump wore a Vera Wang designer dress, iced with jewelry totaling over $200,000 in value, including designs from her own jewelry line.

Trump’s engagement ring was a 5.22 carat cushion-cut diamond with a platinum and diamond mounting. Trump converted to Judaism, Kushner’s faith, before her wedding ceremony

One of Our Very Own…Married!!

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One of our very own INTA Gems family member, Stephanie Brink just married her long time boyfriend Kyle B. this summer. The lovely couple married at the Rosewood Christian Reformed Church. It was a very emmotional and magical day for the couple as they kept the day pretty intimate with Stephanie’s father and Kyle’s mentor as the pastors for the event. The day was filled with a lot of love, happiness, and laughs.
Stephanie looked stunning in her white bridal gown. And INTA Gems was there to help with complimenting diamond jewelry. Stephanie wore a dazzling platinum diamond necklace with stock # 80696 that contained 50 round brilliant cut diamonds that are 11.27 carats, 50 pear shaped diamonds that weigh 15.32 carats, and 50 marquise diamonds that weigh 14.45 carats. Along with the necklace was a matching bracelet that also contained pear shaped diamonds, marquise, and rounds. The total diamond weight was 12.83 carats. Accompanying the set was an 18K white gold diamond earring that had 6 pear shaped diamonds weighing 1.62 carats, 4 marquise weighing 1.14 carats, and 2 round diamonds weighing 0.50 carats.

Our INTA family was glad to help Stephanie in any way to make her wedding day just a bit more special.

Black Eyed Peas Wedding Recap


Catering is an essential part of the wedding experience for your guests. I know that I always look forward to weddings especially of the amazing food spreads that are usually laid out. I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding catered by the charismatic Daniel Villanueva. Here are some photos of his food, a sample wedding coming soon!

Find out more information at Flavors with Love

I shouldnt admit to watching “My Antonio” but it is my guilty pleasure! For those who have never seen the show, its basically like The Bachelor, on this show, a bunch of women competing for the affections of Antonio Sabato Jr. Last week they held a mock wedding with three of the contenders. My least favorite pick for Antonio is Brooke (I think shes fake) happened to be wearing the most beautiful wedding dress. (BTW my pick for Antonio is Tully, his ex-wife, also a contender on the show)

Antonio has aged well, hasn’t he? Why do men often age so much better than women?!

Just wanted to recap the beautiful wedding of The Black Eyed Peas Member rapper Taboo to Jaymie Dizon. On Valentine’s Day, Taboo surprised Dizon with a trip to a Beverly Hills jeweler where they co-designed her 3-carat cushion-cut engagement ring

Celebrity guests included the other members of The Black Eyed Peas and Fergie and Transformers star Josh Duhamel

The reception was a festive event, decked out in red and white

The happy couple wore his and hers diamond and platinum bands, and she had a platinum and diamond engagement sparkler