Survivor Star Jerri and Fiance Rob @ INTA Gems

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Congratulations to 2001 Survivor: Australian Outback reality show star, Jerri Manthey and her fiance Rob, who came in today to purchase a gorgeous Ceylon Blue Sapphire and diamond ring. Jerri was also featured in the Survivor: All Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. We wish this lovely couple the best and a happy holidays!

A Fairytale Dream Come True

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This lovely couple know a thing or two about magic! Corey and his lovely fiance to be have been waiting for the right moment to get engaged. And just like any fairytale dream, it was a dream come true to get engaged. Speaking of fairy tales, magic, and dreams….the couple spend a lot of their weekends at the happiest place on earth….Disneyland/California Adventure! The couple enjoys all the beauty, magic, and fun that the theme park has to offer! And what better way to represent the gorgeous and adventurous California state, than with a diamond engagement ring that contains gorgeous deep ocean blue colored sapphires! The cute couple purchased their antique styled diamond and sapphire engagement ring here at INTA … Read More

A Stone of Destiny

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For centuries, sapphires have been worn by royalty. In fact, today Kate Middleton is wearing the legendary Princess Diana Sapphire Ring as Prince Harry proposed to her. But before Kate, another celebrity rocked the blue sapphire engagement ring – the Academy Award winning actress, Penelope Cruz.The famous actress married her longtime boyfriend Javier Bardem after he proposed a 3-carat sapphire engagement ring worth about $30,000. The two had originally met on set during the filming of the movie Jamon, Jamon back in 1992.Sapphires, a part of the corundum family, make a great alternative to diamond engagement rings because of their strong hardness rating of a 9 out of 10 (diamond being the hardest with a 10 rating). And they come … Read More

Trip to Sri Lanka

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Recently Jerry Pheng Young went to Ratnapura, Sri Lanka to get a handful of new colored gemstones. This wonderful journey inspired Jerry share this amazing trip experience with you. Throughout history Sri Lanka has been known as the “Gem Island” because of their vast array of colored gemstones. In fact, Marco Polo once wrote that the area contains the best selection of natural sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other colored gemstones. Additionally, the unique color, clarity, and luster of blue sapphires from Sri Lanka have made this region widely popular. These gorgeous stones have a hardness of 9 (on the Moh’s hardness scale), making them a perfect alternative to a diamond (10 on the Moh’s hardness scale). The sapphires from Sri … Read More