Photoshoot With Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA

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Peter, Miss California USA, Connie, and Jerry Peter with his beautifully designed crown! Nicole Johnson-Miss California USA 2010and Emma Baker-Miss California Teen USA 2010 Nicole Johnson-Miss California USA 2010wearing the crown designed by Inta Gems Nicole Johnson-Miss California USA 2010 wearing the crown designed by Inta Gems Nicole Johnson-Miss California USA 2010wearing Inta Gems jewelry Nicole Johnson-Miss California USA 2010wearing Inta Gems jewelry Jerry, Peter, and Connie Connie modeling Inta Gems jewelry Copyright INTA Gems & Diamonds 2010 Photography by Jurgen

Joy to the World

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Brian Joy and his two year old Travis stopped by to get his mom a beautiful diamond bracelet! He and she are a police officers and got a special diamond bracelet that has a locking mechanism that looks like… diamond handcuffs! How appropriate! Travis had a great personality and was so cool. A joy to the world!

Flower Girl Kailee Video

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Doesn’t Steve’s little girl, Kailee look adorable?! She’s the got the butterfly wings on for Sophie and Yul’s wedding. So cute!


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I just want to say that I’m really so lucky to have the most amazing parents ever! My parent, Jerry & Connie, are so incredibly loving and supportive, even under the most difficult circumstances. Did you know that they escaped the persecution of the Khmer-Rouge in Cambodia? They’ve gone though a lot of hard struggles in life and reached out to help so many people. My father, Jerry, built a school, a hospital and a water resouvour for the people near his hometown in Cambodia. We were so blessed to make it to the United States and he has tried to help the people there. He’s really a great inspiration. And my mother, Connie, is one of the most loving … Read More

Sophie’s Bridal Room

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So, the family just got back from Sophie & Yul’s wedding. It was sooooo beautiful. The weather and the setting was picture perfect… and Sophie couldn’t have looked more beautiful… and glistening with INTA Gems & Diamonds. ;-) Here’s a few photos of Sophie in bridal room right before the wedding ceremony started. She was practicing her vows and fixing her makeup… crying all along the way… a few more photos soon.

Sophie & Yul Get Married Tomorrow!!!

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Happy times, my cousin, Sophie is getting married tomorrow in San Francisco to Yul Kwon, Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands. My parents, Jerry and Connie, just flew out today and my brother, Steve and I will be flying out tomorrow for the wedding and reception. It’s going to be a small, intimate wedding in San Ramon and of course, Sophie is going be decked out in INTA Gems diamonds! Yeah! TV Guide Channel will be be filming the wedding for an upcoming special on former Survivor Winners – Where are they now? And so you may see Steve or me doing the chicken dance or other freaklishly funny dancing along the way… keke… I just got back from my trip … Read More

Happy EASTER!!!


My allergies continue to remind me that spring is in the air! Despite my itchy eyes and runny nose I LOVE the colorful blooming flowers and the warmer weather… Summer, here we come! Among the many joys of spring, one of my FAVORITE things of the season is EASTER!! I vividly remember racing against my brothers to find the most hidden eggs and making the whole house smell like vinegar from dying hard boiled “easter eggs.” And of course, any student’s favorite… SPRING BREAK, which always accompanies the holiday!I’m grieving this year over the loss of future spring breaks, this may be my last one EVER, ahhh :( All the fun and lighthearted memories aside, I really do love Easter, … Read More