Black Diamonds

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Unknown to many, diamonds do not only come colorless, yellow, and pink but all colors of the spectrum. More highly unknown is the existence of black diamonds. These precious stones, also known as carbonado, are found in Central African Republic and Brazil. Sadly, not much is written about black diamonds, nor what causes their color. Early research describes the stones having no visible inclusions and being deeply colored throughout. In addition, it attributes the color to small changes in the crystal structure containing small graphite particles evenly dispersed. However, new research declares the color is caused by numerous black inclusions that line the cleavage and fractures in the stone. In other words, in the graphitization process, the cleavages and fractures … Read More

Sell Your Gold at the Height of the Market

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Do you have old gold jewelry that you don’t wear? Or did your aunt give you a gold ring that you just don’t wear anymore? Gold is at over $1,000 per ounce. Why not sell it? We’re buying gold right now. And if you’re interested in trading in your gold for cash or credit at INTA Gems, we can do that. Just contact us and we can give you the estimated value of what your gold costs now. Send us an email at or call us at 213-689-9650 to make an appointment.

Caryn & Warren Diamond Ring Protection

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Warren and Caryn stopped by to have their rings cleaned. We custom made Caryn’s ring a couple of years ago and she wore all INTA Gems & Diamonds at her wedding in Manhattan Beach. Caryn crushed her diamond ring a few months after getting it in a sliding glass door. The ring was really bent and damaged and we fixed it for her. Fortunately, her strong platinum and diamond ring kept her finger from being broken from the door. So, do diamonds and gemstones protect their owners from harm? I guess in Caryn’s case, they do! :-) And congrats to Warren and Caryn who are expecting their first baby girl!