Romantic Rose Gold

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Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy commonly used for specialized jewelry because of its reddish color. Rose gold gets its beautiful rosy pink color from a larger portion of copper in the metal alloy. It is also interchangeably referred to as red gold or pink gold. Despite the various names, the difference between red, rose, and pink gold … Read More

Black Diamonds

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Unknown to many, diamonds do not only come colorless, yellow, and pink but all colors of the spectrum. More highly unknown is the existence of black diamonds. These precious stones, also known as carbonado, are found in Central African Republic and Brazil. Sadly, not much is written about black diamonds, nor what causes their color. Early research describes the stones … Read More

What Metal is Right for You?

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There are various types of metals to use for an engagement ring or other form of jewelry. And finding the right one for you can be quite an arduous task. One of the best ways to choose between which type of metal is best for a person is to learn some fundamental facts about each one. PlatinumPlatinum is regarded as … Read More

Sheer Happiness

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James C. and Pailin R. just bought a magnificent 2.41 carat, F color, and SI1 clarity round brilliant cut diamond that is channel set in a platinum setting. Accompanying this gorgeous engagement ring is a matching round channel set band. This lovely couple were ecstatic about the ring and their first words after seeing the enormous rock was “Wow!” We … Read More

Ihor & Julie

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Ihor and Julie came by on Friday to pick up their wedding bands. And they’re getting married on Saturday! Congrats Ihor & Julie!!

Remember this Scott – “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

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Yanna & Scott got their engagement rings from us a few months ago and they were back for more! Wedding bands were in the works because the wedding is coming up soon… in Malibu. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding. Yanna had a big smile and reminded Scott, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Ya, I think that’s so true! ha … Read More

Old friends and new jewelry!

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It was so fun to see my good friend from high school, Clarissa Jones and her fiancee Jason Bickford at INTA Gems today! They’re getting married in beautiful MALIBU at the end of June and I’m so excited for them. Jason bought Clarissa a GORGEOUS platinum wedding band with diamonds that looked perfect with her already sparkling 3-stone engagement ring… … Read More

The Future Doctors – Mark & Jenn at INTA Gems

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Here’s a few snapshot of Mark & Jenn… both are in graduate school and are future doctors!! Mark’s going to dentistry school and we gave him a few gemstones so that if works on a “grill” which are the blinged out teeth that rappers use… he can get some extra-bonus points in school… wouldn’t it be funny if I had … Read More