Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands


It is very important to us at Inta Gems to make sure we offer the latest styles and newest materials to our customers. In that spirit, we are pleased to announce that we now offer Benchmark brand Cobalt Chrome wedding bands. Cobalt Chrome is a new metal choice which has been engineered for premium performance.
You may already be familiar with Tungsten and Titanium as alternatives to traditional gold or platinum bands. Cobalt Chrome has similar strength and scratch resistance to these metals, but it has some additional features that make it a standout in the alternative metals category.
The first thing one notices is the color. Cobalt Chrome has a bright white color that is almost indistinguishable from white gold and platinum. What this means is that for a fraction of the price of precious metals, one can enjoy the same appearance. And Cobalt Chrome will never loose its bright white finish.

Though a bit less scratch resistant than Titanium and Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome is far more scratch resistant than look-a-like precious metals. It is four times harder than platinum and five times harder than gold! Unlike Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome is also shatterproof.

These new bands are also a pleasure to wear. Having had uses in medical supplies for years, Cobalt Chrome is a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. It is naturally hypoallergenic because it does not contain any alloys that cause negative reactions. Cobalt Chrome also has a comfortable weight, similar to the weight of gold and is available in a wide selection of comfort-fit styles.
If you are deciding which metal is best for your wedding band, consider how Cobalt Chrome would work for you. If you enjoy playing sports or working with your hands, you will appreciate its strength and scratch-resistance. Like many men for whom a wedding band is the first piece of jewelry, you may want a wedding band that is comfortable and low-maintenance in which case you will appreciate the weight, comfort-fit style, and lasting finish and color of Cobalt Chrome. And with the look of white gold at a fraction of the price, Cobalt Chrome could be the perfect alternative for you!