We are the premiere destination for the best precious gemstones and diamonds in Los Angeles. Our GIA-graduate gemologists select only the best stones to ensure your jewelry sparkles. Our impressive selection is designed to meet your every need. No matter your budget or preferences, we will do everything we can to find you what you’re looking for. Please note that what is listed below is only a small sampling of our full inventory. Contact us if there’s a gemstone you’re interested in that you don’t see here.


Do you ask yourself “can anybody find me some diamonds to love”?

Our search engine looks through our own inventory and dealer network for diamonds fit for a queen (or king)! Simply put in the specs of what kind of diamond you’re on the hunt for, and this will help you find it.



Near, far, wherever you are, we believe that these sapphires are worth it. Our family has over 50 years of experience   working with these beautiful gemstones. Learn more about our history with sapphires here. These magnificent gems come in every color of the rainbow. So, let this be the someday you’ll find it-your sapphire. Now time for a question: a blue hue, a yellow, or pink?







In the wise words of Marilyn Monroe, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" 

Our sparkling diamond engagement rings are set to enhance their brilliance.

Make sure your love lasts a lifetime with a ring she'll want to stare at forever. 



Shine bright like a diamond, but with the more affordable moissanite. This gemstone is the closest relative to diamonds, but with two key differences: it has more brilliance (a.k.a. more sparkle) and is less expensive. After its initial discovery by Henri Moissan in 1893, it became clear that it is an extremely rare stone. After years of trial and error, these lab-created beauties are practically perfect in every way.

Contact us today to discover what we have in stock.

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Because of Coronavirus pandemic, we are limiting our store hours for pick ups by appointment.

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