Cousin Sophie Engaged to Yul Kwon – Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands!

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My family is really happy to announce that my cousin, Sophie Tan, is engaged to Yul Kwon: winner of Survivor: Cook Islands and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. Sophie and I are really close, she’s more like my sister.

It’s funny, but in a round about way, I helped introduce them. It’s a long story that’s made for TV. Because it actually involved cell phones, a photo and the TV. I’ll post it later.

Of course, Yul proposed with an INTA Gems & Diamonds engagement ring! Yul originally wanted a basic solitaire ring. But, huh? Sophie comes from a jeweler’s family… we had to have some diamonds on the ring!

Yul picked out a stunning 2.20 ct. cushion cut diamond set in platinum. Sophie has very dainty and thin fingers (a size 3 1/2), so we thought the best solution was to give her a thin and delicate band. With a thin band, the diamond looks even bigger. And it also has side diamonds in the gallery that you can see from the sides. We call this setting the “Sophie Setting.”

Here’s an article on People Magazine about the engagement which is pretty cool!

Yul proposed at Stanford University in front of a crowd at a fundraiser he was emceeing. Although Sophie was already expecting an engagement some time soon, she was still a little stunned when the time came. They are extremely ecstatic and are currently planning the wedding.

Here’s a video of an interview that Yul did with CBS after he won the $1 million dollars from Survivor: Cook Islands. And the other video is the actual proposal to Sophie! Say “YES” Sophie!!