Happy EASTER!!!


My allergies continue to remind me that spring is in the air! Despite my itchy eyes and runny nose I LOVE the colorful blooming flowers and the warmer weather… Summer, here we come!

Among the many joys of spring, one of my FAVORITE things of the season is EASTER!! I vividly remember racing against my brothers to find the most hidden eggs and making the whole house smell like vinegar from dying hard boiled “easter eggs.” And of course, any student’s favorite… SPRING BREAK, which always accompanies the holiday!I’m grieving this year over the loss of future spring breaks, this may be my last one EVER, ahhh :(

All the fun and lighthearted memories aside, I really do love Easter, not only for the break from school, but also for what it means to me as I reflect upon why we celebrate. I have grown to love going to church every year with my family on Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning to celebrate together the death and resurrection of JESUS when he died for us on the cross! It’s an old story, but still so rich with meaning and HOPE for me! To me, this is the real reason for celebrating.

I’m looking forward to going to church tomorrow and celebrating with my family and friends the AMAZING LOVE of God. I hope you all have a very happy and hopeful Easter holiday and take a few minutes to remember why we celebrate.