Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Especially to Stephanie’s Mom!


Happy St. Paddy’s Day Everybody!

I have a client, Stephanie, who came all the way from the OC. She brought in her Mom who’s from Ireland. She had her green Happy St. Patrick’s Day shirt on today, so cute! Steph’s Mom and I talked about Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Dance, and well… my FAVORITE beer, GUINNESS!

When I lived in New York, I had a British friend of mine, who use to bring me out to the British pub and we’d drink Guinness Draft until the weeee hours of the morning! Did you all know they have a special way of pour it… 4 steps, I know…

Since coming back to LA, people aren’t into drinking such thick dark brews… but if you’re out and about today… and since the luck of the Irish should be with you… enjoy a Guinness!

And Stephanie, next time, bring you’re Mom to the store again! We’ll leave you here with the diamonds rings at INTA Gems, and I’ll go have a few at Casey’s Irish Pub down the street with your Mom! After a few beers, I know I can finally get her to teach me how to clog!!

Here’s a video of Michael Flatley’s Lord of Dance. After a few Guinnesses… can you see me dancing like this?! ha ha ha… those Irish! But, I’m not wearing those black leather pants! No, no, no! ha ha ha!

Look at Michael Flatley gyrate his hips! ha ha ha.. I can’t stop laughing… now that takes TALENT! You gotta be Irish to be able to could do that! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everybody!!!