Kogi- LA Street Food Taco Style


So, some of you all may know my friends, Mark and Caroline Manguera, opened a new business. He used to work at the Ritz Carlton and Beverly Hilton hotel. Caroline works at the Four Season Hotel. Well, Mark came up this incredible idea over a late night of drinking and late night hunger. Korean BBQ tacos!

He got his bud, Roy Choi, from the Beverly Hilton and Rock Sugar and started rollin… so a 5-star chef on a taco truck! Pretty cool and perfect recession food.

In 4 months, he’s got a cult following that has to be seen and tasted to believe. The lines are 2-3 hours long in some stops. Take a look at the photos of the people waiting in line! He was so busy, I helped him out for a couple of weeks in Febuary.

Some people were asking everybody at the INTA Gems, “Where’s Peter?!!”

Peter’s on the taco truck!!

Sounds crazy…. Well… it’s not an ordinary Taco Truck. Kogi has been written up in Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, International Herald Tribune, New York Times and Newsweek!! It’s the biggest food craze hitting the Streets of Los Angeles. And Mark’s working on his new New York venture… and a lot more stuff… He’s worked hard and he deserves the success. I’m really happy for Caroline & Mark.

BTW- check out Caroline’s HUGE diamond ring… that’s INTA Gems & Diamonds Bling Bling on her hand!

So, if you want some AMAZING $2 tacos and some hip “Kogi Kulture” (I helped coin that term)… then hit up Kogi!