Liking LA Traffic -When You Know It’s True Love!!

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DJ was in a REAL rush. Time was ticking and he had to leave at 5 pm to make it to an appointment in Cerritos at 5:30 pm. He and his fiance, Jennifer, just re-set their diamond into a INTA Gems & Diamonds engagement ring setting. We can usually set and size a ring the same day. It normally takes about 1-2 hours…

We told him to take the carpool lane down the 110 & 105 freeway because it’ll be quicker. But DJ said he LOVES TRAFFIC because it gives him more time to spend with Jennifer… then he gave her a tight hug & squeeze…. awwwww…. so sweet.

And we all wanted to thank Jennifer’s brother, Richard, who recommend us to them. We LOVE those REFERRALS!! Keep em coming all!

Love, Happiness, Laughter & Joy…

And you HAVE to Watch this video in Paris! About a very special RED traffic light that should be for DJ & Jenn. For DJ & Jenn, these are the LOVE Lanes… keke… ;-)