Mark & Signy- Memories of Super Fatty Cat Atticus!

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Don’t Signy & Mark make a good looking couple?! Mark & Signy both got their engagement rings and wedding bands! So, nice… like family. And GO DODGERS!!!

Mark is related to ROBIN & Jeff who are my Grandma Jerry’s neighbors. What my bro, Steve, and I remember most about Robin was their FAT CAT ATTICUS! He was HUGE, everybody thought the cat was PREGNANT, but of course, Robin would say… Atticus is a boy!

Atticus would also jump from Robin’s room to my Grandma’s roof, and you could hear a BOOM! And the house would shake like an EaRtHquaKE! My grandma would yell! “ATTTICUUSSS!!!!”

Sadly, FATTTTYYY Atticus is dead, but LOOK, here’s a clip of his cousin FAT GOLIATH!

Goliath is FAT! But I think Atticus was FATTER!