Meagan Tandy’s Shout Out to Everybody!

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We love Meagan Tandy, Miss California USA 2007 at Carrie Prejean’s Sweet Sundae Send-Off Party. Meagan, and her parents, Fred & Shelia, are like family to us!

Did you all know that we taught Meagan how to speak Chinese! She’s actually really good! Ask her to speak Chinese the next time you see her! She and my Dad, Jerry, are pretty close. She calls my Dad “Baba” which mean “Daddy” in Chinese… ha ha ha.

Meagan just filmed an episode of CSI that is going to air in April.

WE LOVE Meagan!!! Meagan did a little shout out to everybody!

Meagan’s Behind the Scene INTA Gems & Diamonds Photoshoot in 2007