Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds

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Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds

In the minds of most consumers, diamonds are colorless to near colorless.
GIA Normal Color Grading Scale are D-Z.
D-F being Color
G-J being Near Color
K-M being Faint Yellow
N-R being Faint Yellow
S-Z Very Light Yellow

However, some of the world’s most famous and most treasured diamonds in the world are in fact – colored diamonds. For example; the 45.52ct “Hope Diamond” is bluish gray or the 128.51ct and the “Tiffany Diamond” is yellow.

Here is an example of one of our Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond. This is a radiant cut natural fancy yellow intense weighing 1.06 Ct. bezel set center diamond with round white pave set diamonds.

This is one of my favorite rings. It is a very clean design with a strong intense color. The white pave diamonds give it a smoothe contrast that is easy on the eyes and easy to love.

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Steve Pheng

GIA Graduate Gemologist