Pam & Eric’s Engagement Ring – Taiwanese Classmates – It’s Karaoke Time!

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I studied abroad in Taiwan to improve my Chinese Mandarin in 1996-1997. I attended the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan. It was SO Much Fun. Eating crazy street food your mother would cry if she saw you eat, riding ROLLER COASTER public buses, and getting in scooter accidents, well that wasn’t so much fun…. I still have the SCARS to show you.

My friends and I probably spent more time singing karaoke than going to class… ha ha ha.. KARAOKE (KTV) is really POPULAR in Taiwan. All your friends cram in a litle room and sing endless tracks of Chinese and American pop music with endless chatter and beer. Talk about American Idol!

Okay, I admit it! I know a lot lyrics to the SPICE GIRLS… ke ke ke… YO! Tell me what you want, what you really, REALLY WANT…. ha ha ha.. come on, you know all know you know you all can sing a few lines with me!

Pam attended NCCU during the same time! And although we never met on campus (HuGE campus on a Gigantic Hill) we have several mutual friends. So, here’s a BIGGG “Ni HAO!” (hello to all those in Taiwan) and my CIEE exchange program compadres (Darick, Ryan, Diana, Erik, Atsushi, Ellen, Alison, Carolyn, Daisy,.. and our HARVARD MAMA Dr. Elise Devido!.

Here’s a few video & photos of Pam and Eric’s diamond and enagement ring! A platinum setting which we are custom making with a round ct 1.06 ct, EXCELLENT Cut grade with GIA report, no flour, laser inscription. The BEST. And Pam knew it was the right diamond when it had stock number “1975” which is the same year that Pam & I were born. Hmmm…. so meant to be.

Gong Xi (Congrats) Eric & Pam! And to relive old Karaoke memories.. watch the Spice Guys lip sync to the Spice Girls! This is dedicated to Ryan & Darick. SING ALONG if you know the words… hee hee.

Here’s the funniest Taiwanese boys singing in their college dorm room – the Backstreet Boys – I want it that way! ha ha ha… love it.