Peter is Gravy with 4-Wheel Biscuits!!


Sofia came in ALL THE WAY from OKLAHOMA to get her diamond ring from us. Wow! We have a setting called the “Sophie Setting” that was designed for my cousin, Sophie. And guess what, Sofia LOVED it!! And we got a beautiful 1.51 ct radiant diamond to go with the ring. Super sparkly. Sophie said that she was SO HAPPY with the ring and our service.

Sofia’s so cute… called me “GRAVY… with 4 wheel biscuits!” Huh?! Sophia explained that’s Southern talk for something really, really FANTASTIC…. ha ha ha… I love it!!

Sophia brought her cool, SuPeR-FuN sister, Suzie, who’s from Cerritos and lives across the street from Valley Christian High School… Steve’s and my alma mater… again… we all think it was just meant to be.

Later Y’Alll!