Southeast Asia… basically, boat people because of the war there. I was born in California in 1975 at Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton in San Diego.

When I would tell people that I was born at Camp Pendleton, some would ask me, “Are you a son of a Marine?”

I would tell them, “No, I am the son of a refugee.”

Here’s a photo of my family years ago, when times were tougher… and my parents kept working though those times. It was very hard for my parents who came to a new country with no money and practically no English skills. We were still the lucky ones, because at least we were still alive, unlike a lot of my family members who were not able to make it out of war.

Fortunately, we are very thankful for the help of some really great people like Jerry & Vance Carruth, the American Red Cross, the Church of Christ and countless others who had such a POSITIVE impact on our lives. And we’ve built a successful business with AMAZING CUSTOMERS that WE LOVE everyday. Thank you everybody for all the LoVe. We feel it everyday too!

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