Chantel’s Story…

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Chantel is a marvelous handcrafted Oval Diamond Engagement Ring. She has a 14K Yellow Gold band, with a 14K White Gold Setting that cradles a striking 1.71 carat Oval Diamond F color and VS1 quality. At its utmost finest, this ring is no joke. She has a secret of her own that most may not know. She was not born of the same place as most of her cousins. Her parents are not of a cave, not of the earth, but of humans! Chantel is what most call a “Lab Grown” Diamond. She is just as beautiful as her cousins of the earth. Yet, Chantel’s price tag weighs in a lot less than her earth cousins. This is because it is easier for Gemologists to produce diamonds like Chantel. They have the control of production and therefore there is a larger abundance of “Chantel’s”. So much so, that she is only 60% of her earth cousins’ original price. This makes her more affordable to the average public and still just as desirable. Never underestimate Chantel or one of her sisters! They are the perfect option to top off your already attractive Wedding Engagement Ring.

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Be safe and stay healthy.  God bless our community and country.  

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