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Green Sapphire in Los Angeles

Updated: May 25, 2019

Sapphire is a variety of mineral corundum that is known for its deep blue color, but in fact it occurs in a wide range of colors except for red. This is because the gem industry uses the name ruby for red corundum.

This beautiful emerald cut GIA certified Green Sapphire weighs 6.05 carats and can be found at Inta Gems and Diamonds in the Los Angeles diamond district. Green Sapphire can be used for beautiful engagement rings.

We at Inta Gems offers Green Sapphires in a variety of shapes and sizes. From pear shape, cushion and ovals as the most popular variety...

Some prefer green sapphires with a tint of blue to it which many refer to teal color sapphire or even blue green Sapphires...


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