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Lab Grown Emeralds or Natural…which is more glamorous?

Updated: May 6

If you’ve read my blog on “Lab Grown Diamond” or “Moissanites” you’re probably wondering what more there is to chat about when talking about “Lab Grown”. Instead, there’s much more to know, diamonds are not the only lab grown stones.

Natural Emeralds can be highly, highly expensive and most cannot afford them at a decent carat size. Even a small Emerald under a carat can be thousands of dollars.

When a natural Emerald occurs, many are cloudy as this is one of their popular natural states. Yet, most do not fancy the idea of a cloudy stone as this takes away the surface beauty it’s supposed to emanate.

But of course shiny sparkling polished Emeralds are very abundant among selections. Similar to Lab Grown Diamonds, lab grown Emeralds hold the same properties of their sister, the natural Emerald. Only difference between the two, same as diamonds, stands that they are grown in a lab instead of in nature. Also keep in mind when you purchase a lab grown Emerald, remember, when you choose to “go green”, you’re also “going green” and saving mother earth from mining natural Gems!


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