Lab Grown….More for your money..?

Although the term “Lab Grown” may not sound appealing to the average joe, possibly even fake, searching for a diamond to profess his or her love to their soon to be spouse is no joke and most certainly loads on mounds of stress. If nerves on whether your partner will except your proposal or not isn’t enough, money is definity a blow to consider. However, we can surely left at least some of the stressor off your shoulder. Let us introduce to you, the Lab Grown Diamond. Before you become alarmed, you may want to wade your toes into the idea that a Lab Grown Diamond is nothing short of a real diamond and it is most certainly not synthetic.

You must also keep in mind that a “Lab Grown Diamond” is NOT synthetic. Synthetic stones are classified as material or chemically created items to mimic a natural version of the product. Including carbon to the addition ensures the diamond is NOT synthetic. There are a few things to consider when analyzing “natural” vs. “Lab Grown”. First fact above all: what matters to you most? Quality or quantity? If your budget is very low and you can only afford a low grade natural diamond under a carat but you don’t want to let on that you cannot afford a steady sized diamond in current times, Lab Grown diamonds can certainly help you out. You may even be able to find one that goes for one or two grand and still over a carat. If your wondering how to calculate an estimated price before shopping for your Lab Grown diamond, consider a diamond you like, take into consideration it’s size, quality, color, and find out its price, then take about 40% off the natural diamonds original price and you’ll be looking at around that price for the same size lab grown diamond.

If your concerned about your Lab Grown diamond not meeting your partner’s trying standards, do not fear, lab grown diamonds are not all the same in quality and color. They now come in “Internally flawless” grade, with D color, and up to a whopping 10ct in size!

The imperturbable datum about Lab Grown diamonds is they are virtually the equivalent to Natural diamonds, they’re only difference in story is one born in the ground while the other was handcrafted by human hands. A special arrangement is formed in a lab to simulate the bare nature background to ensure the diamonds are one hundred percent real. Optically, they are identical. The only true reason for their exclusive difference in price is because lab grown diamonds can be controlled by man and therefore, they are easier to produce, rather than to wait for the earth to naturally inhibit them. Although it might sound “cooler” to brag about your 2ct natural diamond ring, your friends wouldn’t notice the slightest difference in your three carater unless they were trained gemologists, only that it’s larger and offers more bling. So be proud and flaunt your new stunner!

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