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Men’s Engagement Rings (The 3 G’s starring Titanium, Platinum, & Tungsten...)

One of the first thing that comes to mind when the idea of engagement comes to mind is finding your wife-to-be the perfect wedding set, she loves. But along the long road to finding this perfection, you may forget that finding a picture-perfect men’s wedding band Is just as vital.

Here at INTA Gem’s we have a large array of men’s wedding bands for an affordable cost!

The first step in selecting your wedding band is deciding what material fits both your budget and your style.


Many prefer a classic white or yellow gold style; while others desire a more unique Tungsten band. If your handy with your hands you may consider the Tungsten as it is the hardest material bands are made from. The material is merely scratch-free and impossible to melt. Not to mention they are the most inexpensive among our merchandise.

These bands can range from $50-$120 depending on its simplicity or complexity. Tungsten’s are not re-sizable. This is because the Tungsten has such a high boiling point it cannot be melted.

Make sure to be certain of your finger size before sealing the deal!


If classic is what you crave, we suggest a classic white gold men’s engagement ring.

They have a beautiful glow and are the most highly rated among metals. With their definitive guise, you will be certain to discover a substantial diversity of styles here at INTA Gem’s!

This sensational piece is the least durable among the metals, can scratch easily and often need to be re-plated to keep its white outer layer.


If you hunger for a unique, spontaneous option, a rose gold men’s engagement ring may be the appropriate plan for you. Rose gold is the hardest and most durable of golds. It hardly ever scratches and never tarnishes like the other golds do. It is not high maintenance and does not require a great deal of attention.


Out of the 3 G's, yellow gold is the only gold has a natural color and has no modifications to achieve its hue.

Something to keep in mind when picking out a yellow gold men’s engagement ring is to consider, the purer your yellow gold is, the softer and easier they are to scratch as the wear and tear increases.


Titanium, the metal that contradicts itself! As you may have heard, Titanium rings are both extremely lightweight and extremely durable. And if this doesn’t catch your eye, you may be pleased to know Titanium is less expensive than white gold; a very affordable value. Beside the occasional steam clean or polish, Titanium is a diamond in the rough as it keeps its lustrous shine for a lifetime. Titanium men’s engagement rings settle for around $100-$300 here at INTA Gem’s.


Although at times unheard of, platinum is surprisingly increasingly more expensive than gold. Platinum is by far one of the rarest metals and is found inexhaustible between jewelry companies. Prices begin at $600 and skyrocket to $2,500 depending on design, size, thickness, and brand. Platinum is 95% pure in of itself, making it second to yellow gold in purity. The wear ability on a platinum engagement ring is incredibly slow and making its durability rate extremely high. Most precious metals when scratched wear down much quicker.


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