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Moissanites have more Brilliance than a Diamond…WHAT?! (PART 1)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

“Moissanites couldn’t POSSIBLY have more sparkle, more brilliance than a diamond!” Said no one ever…

When spectating about Moissanites vs. Diamonds, you may be flabbergasted to learn that moissanites do in fact hold a higher brilliance than a diamond, however there are many differences between the two besides the abundant price difference. Astonishingly, naturally occurring moissanites are in fact rarer than a natural diamond! They are also harder than a Sapphire or a Ruby and thanks to the crater in 1893 located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona; moissanites were then first discovered by a French scientist, Henri Moissan and yes as you’ve probably guessed, the stone was named after him, himself. At first he thought these moissanites to be diamonds! But after some time of studying them, he came to realize in 1904, that he had in fact uncovered a new species of rock and therefore was born the Moissanite. It became extremely popular and increasingly valued. Since then, scientists and gemologists had their eyes on the prize, shifting a newly created absence of attention from the diamond momentarily. Thus the increase in its price.

Although a detail you probably don’t know is, the Moissanite doesn’t only come in a clear white color, it also occasionally discovers itself in a shade of green or yellow.

This brilliant stone never loses its color and weighs in at 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

However, please remember there are also different levels of clarity, color, and size on the moissanite like all beautiful stones and moissanites can too come in a cheaper affordable price, many times more affordable than the diamond. But typically these gems are exclusive and quite rare.

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