Faye. Yasmine was looking for a cushion cut diamond for her engagement!

Egyptians are such warm, hospitable people. And I have to say that going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids was a life-changing experience for me. It was incredible to marvel at what WE HUMANS CAN DO! The HUGE stone blocks that built the pyramids are GIGANTIC. It was awe inspiring to see how ingenious and clever those Egyptians are.

Now, I find it somewhat ironic that I now work with a lot smaller stones like diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Nonetheless, I still see what tremendous meaning stones can have on a life. It’s a gift to see people’s eyes when they open one of our jewelry boxes with something special inside…. it carries so much meaning.

For me, looking at the great stones of pyramids, made me think, smile, dream, and aspire.

I hope that when you look at your gem stones from INTA Gems, it will also make you smile, grin, marvel and… well… feel inspired.

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