Star Sapphires & Rubies

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The best way to describe a “Star Sapphire” or a “Star Ruby” is to compare these two to matte and glossy. There is a very delicate spectrum of shine to a Star stone compared to its cousin, polished gemstones. If you have never seen a star sapphire or ruby in person you may be wondering: why would I want a stone that doesn’t shimmer and sparkle? Star stones rely on a different sort of beauty. They are known for the “star” like pattern that appears when a special encounter happens between light and a parallel fibrous inclusion inside the stone. Its unique and beautiful appearance that will leave your friends breathless and maybe even a little jealous. The most common type of Star Gemstone is the “6 rayed” this means the stone displays six rays of the “star” while much more rare star gemstones have a display of 12 rays. If you are able to find, will rack up quite larger of a bill the more popular 6 ray. All Star Sapphires are not heated, as to stay in their natural “Star State”.

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