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The Goddess of Sir-Lanka

Sapphires, the most well-known gemstone to man. INTA Gem’s specialty and heart and soul of the company. We have over five hundred selections to choose from with every color imaginable.

Sapphires are one of the most diverse stones on the planet, coming in every color possible besides red. Although all stones have cut and clarity, it is much more common that Sapphires are judged by these two qualities. The blue sapphire reins queen among its family heritage for it’s stunning unmistakable blue hue. There are three types of blue Sapphires. The first being the most abundant; Ceylon blue. This means the Sapphire’s manner tends to be lighter and transparent. Secondly, royal blue is posed with a deeper eye-catching shade. Medium blue’s exist but are not as popular as Ceylon and Royal. When a blue sapphire has a tint of purple, this decreases the price as it does not radiate the traditional blue color the majority desires.

Sapphires may come in green, yellow, pink, orange, white, purple, and many more. Yellow Sapphires are often used as an alternative to a yellow diamond, as they would be less expensive and still possess the striking qualities of the yellow diamond. Sapphires are most commonly used as the center stone of a ring design; however from time to time, they are used in a three stone setting to amp up an engagement ring. On super rare occasions, couples will choose a sapphire as a center stone in a wedding ring set.


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