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After helping countless couples through their engagement and wedding, we’ve learned about so many proposals. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or need a play-by-play method, we’ve collected some of our favorites to share with you. Keep reading for our favorite proposal ideas.


Classic Wine + Dine


This traditional proposal has led to more engagements than anyone can count!  Make reservations at your favorite romantic restaurant, and be sure to give them a heads up about your plans. People have stashed the engagement ring in dessert, but we think a clean, sparkling ring is best. Direct the conversation to talk about your love for one another, and then get down on one knee! 


Surprise Party


Is your partner a social butterfly who loves to celebrate with their nearest and dearest? We love the idea of gathering family and friends as a location to toast to your engagement! First, be sure to propose somewhere very special to you both — where you first met, your favorite place to relax together, someplace with a beautiful view, etc. Then make sure you both call or FaceTime your parents/siblings/best friends as you take her to where everyone is already gathered (perhaps your home, restaurant, or park). If you take the FaceTime approach, make sure whoever you call knows to be sneaky and not give the party away! Shoot a point of contact at the party a text with an ETA of your arrival so the guests can be in full surprise mode. Then take a deep breath as you and your fiancé share your love with your favorite people!


Take a Hike


The outdoors can have a very romantic feel. Map out a spot to pop the question. We recommend doing the hike first solo so you can figure out the perfect place to propose. Be sure to check the weather beforehand to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold or too rainy. On the day of, pack up the ring, plenty of water, champagne or apple cider, and some of your partner’s favorite foods to snack on, and perhaps a picnic blanket to relax on if that’s your thing. Once you reach your spot, express your love and enjoy the spot that’s forever yours.




Does your love enjoy concerts, musicals, or plays? You can involve a show as part of the proposal in a few different ways. 

  1. Surprise your partner with the show itself and propose in the venue as soon as it ends.

  2. Contact the show organizers, the venue itself, or the band’s team as soon as you’ve considered the option (and dates are set for the show).  You can find their information usually on their website, or can always slide into their DMs on Instagram. Let them know you’re planning to propose at their show.  Kindly ask them if they’d be willing to bring you both on stage so you can propose there.  Talk about a showstopper!


For the Homebody (or Pet Parent)


Home is where the heart is. Take the chill approach and plan a proposal where the dress code includes pajamas and robes. Start with your sweetheart’s favorite food: cook it, bake it, or order it in. Offer to watch something on their Netflix que, or plan to watch something you both love. Are you more readers than watchers? Set up an extra cozy reading nook for maximum relaxation. Then, incorporate Scrabble where you can spell out “Will you marry me?” (for at least 27 points). Have a fur baby you both love dearly? Tie the ring to its collar and have them go to your soon-to-be fiancé (this is a situation where treats are very helpful)! No matter how you do it, there’s something special about proposing in the comfort of your own home.

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