Real Life Malibu Barbie Dream House!

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You might have heard it on the news, but Barbie (the doll) just had her 50th birthday. And Mattel (makers of Barbie) created a real life Malibu Barbie house! And guess who’s house did they use?! My friends, Steve and Rita’s house!

Well… I have to say that their house is pretty amazing. Mattel had celebrity interior designer, Jonathan Adler, decorate that house (no… that’s not what Rita and Steve’s house normally looks like). And there’s been all these amazing parties at the house since.

Rita wore my “Vinissimo” Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings to the red… well… “Pink Carpet” event. So awesome, I’ll post pictures of Rita and Steve later. And some other cool pics that I get from the event.

Their house in Malibu is… well…. are… pretty HUMONGOUS… did I spell that right? Oh ya, did I tell you they have more than one house?! Ya, we’re talking MTV CRIBS AWESOME!

BTW- Steve and Rita are pregnant with their first baby! And we all went out on Friday to the Sage Room with good friend, Raena, to celebrate! We sat in the private back table (our host told us that Britney Spears and Mel Gibson always request our table for the privacy… I should have sat longer… maybe I could win a Grammy or Oscar?!) If you like homestyle Italian food, the Sage Room is perfect… had pasta, salad, red wine. During dinner, Steve was telling me he was having sympathy pregnancy symptoms… I think had them too… I ate too much… ha ha ha.

Congrats to Steve & Rita!!!