Scrabble – Triple Letter Score! Will You Marry Me?

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Nathan and Allison just got engaged! And they sent these great photos of their INTA Gems & Diamonds engagement ring. It’s always so nice to hear from our customers. Here are photos and an excerpt of an email that we got about Nathan’s proposal.

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“As a favorite past time of Allison and I, a Scrabble photo was a natural way to propose. However the timing and perfect moment never came around for me to use this photo and the ring stayed locked in my cabinet for a month before I could get something better planned out. So finally, on Feb. 1st, Allison and I were up in Lake Tahoe on a ski trip getaway. I had planned out the day and was more nervous then I’d ever been. Little did Allison know, 3 days before our trip, I had called her mom and asked permission to ask her daughter to marry me. I wanted to start things off right, so this was a very important step for us. We skied all day, took a dip in our hot tub, had a casual walk near the lake, and then a romantic dinner at Cafe Fiore. As we were leaving the restaurant, Allison had mentioned that this was a perfect day. She was about to be even more surprised. Fidgeting to put on her gloves, I asked her to wait. I told her how happy these past 2 years had been. Being with her was more amazing then I could have ever imagined and I never wanted it to end. Photography was the thing that brought us together, so I thanked fate for this change in careers. I knew she could feel it coming, so I got on one knee and asked her to marry me. I didn’t need the Scrabble photo after all as she burst into tears with a passionate yes. We hugged and embraced for what it felt like was 5 minutes when I finally mentioned we should probably get out of the cold before our teardrops freeze to our face. She instantly called her mother and was very happy to know her mom had already been informed of the surprise and had given her full approval. It was a memorable trip and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing ring from Inta Gems. Thank you to everyone there for helping me pick out the perfect ring as well as making it the easiest process I ever imagined.”

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Nathan is also a wedding photographer. If anybody needs photos, just tell them that INTA Gems & Diamonds sent you and his said that he would give you a discount or extra free prints.

About Nathan Nowack Photography:
Nathan Nowack is a photojournalistic wedding photographer that covers all of California. He strives for a simplistic beauty in my photos while also being artistic and fun. Nowack captures all those candid emotional moments at a wedding as well and have a full line of options including photo booths and albums. Please check out additional examples of his work at