Sunlight & Moonlight – INTA Gems & Diamonds Photoshoot

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We’re proud to present the INTA Gems & Diamonds Sunlight & Moonlight Photos fom the Miss California USA photoshoot we worked on several weeks ago.

In the photos, you’ll see:

Sunlight- Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA 2009

Moonlight – Chelsea Gilligan, Miss California Teen USA 2009

Carrie is wearing the Splendor Tanzanite & Diamond Necklace and Earrings. Chelsea glows in the Blue Denim Sapphire Star Design. Designs by Peter Young.

We’ll be using the photos at our store, in print and on the web.

Special thanks to my dear friend, Kal Yee, our BRILLIANT photogapher and artist, who worked to conceptionalize our “Sunlight & Moonlight” theme. And thank you Carrie & Chelsea! You both look absolutely stunning!

Watch all the action from the behind-the-scenes video at the INTA Gems & Diamonds Sunlight & Moonlight photoshoot. Click “HQ” for higher resolution.