The Baby Boom at INTA Gems & Diamonds


If you haven’t heard yet, Corinna just had a baby boy, Aiden, on Jan 11th.

And my cousin, Brandon, had a baby boy 2 weeks ago, Franklin!

I’m proud to say Corinna chose the name I suggested, Aiden. Corinna & Tommy had a celebration dinner where we first got to see Aiden in person. He’s got a very expressive face! He smile, grins, winces, cries and stares… he should be a model or actor!

The funniest moment was when my father, Jerry, picked Aiden up. Aiden was wincing at first and then my Dad started talking. Aiden looked up and looked like he recognized my father! I really think he heard my father’s voice so much when Corinna was pregnant, that he knew who my father was! We all that was pretty funny. Smart baby!