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I just want to say that I’m really so lucky to have the most amazing parents ever! My parent, Jerry & Connie, are so incredibly loving and supportive, even under the most difficult circumstances. Did you know that they escaped the persecution of the Khmer-Rouge in Cambodia? They’ve gone though a lot of hard struggles in life and reached out to help so many people.

My father, Jerry, built a school, a hospital and a water resouvour for the people near his hometown in Cambodia. We were so blessed to make it to the United States and he has tried to help the people there. He’s really a great inspiration. And my mother, Connie, is one of the most loving people you’ll ever meet. I know when most people meet her, they want to call her “Mom” because she really tries to take care of everybody.

And those who haven’t, come and meet my parents. They’ve got heart! :-)