Trip to Sri Lanka

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Recently Jerry Pheng Young went to Ratnapura, Sri Lanka to get a handful of new colored gemstones. This wonderful journey inspired Jerry share this amazing trip experience with you.

Throughout history Sri Lanka has been known as the “Gem Island” because of their vast array of colored gemstones. In fact, Marco Polo once wrote that the area contains the best selection of natural sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other colored gemstones. Additionally, the unique color, clarity, and luster of blue sapphires from Sri Lanka have made this region widely popular. These gorgeous stones have a hardness of 9 (on the Moh’s hardness scale), making them a perfect alternative to a diamond (10 on the Moh’s hardness scale). The sapphires from Sri Lanka are so distinct in color and brilliance that they even have their own name-Ceylon Blue Sapphires.

Today, Ceylon blue sapphires have been in high demand on the colored gemstone market. They make the perfect alternative to a diamond for engagement rings. However, during Jerry’s trip to Sri Lanka, he realized that the supply of Ceylon blue sapphires are at a scarcity this year due to heavy rains that have flooded the gemstone mines. As a result, Ceylon blue sapphires are becoming more rare. At INTA Gems, we carry a selection of Ceylon blue sapphires that have been hand-picked by Jerry.

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