Unveiling the Miss California USA Crown Promotes Unity, Love and the Beauty of California

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Nov. 16, 2009 – Los Angeles- After a controversial year in part over Carrie Prejean’s (former Miss California USA) opinion at the 2009 Miss USA® pageant earlier this year, INTA Gems & Diamonds, the Official Jeweler of Miss California USA®, is proud to have designed and crafted the new 2010 Miss California USA® Crown which promotes unity, love and the Beauty of California. The Crown will be unveiled to the public at the Beauty of California dinner at the Rivera Resort in Palm Springs on Saturday, November 21 at 8 pm.

Designed by Peter Young, Creative Director of INTA Gems & Diamonds, the Miss California USA® Crown incorporates many elements of California to symbolize the beauty of the state. Sparkling stars line the border of the crown to represent the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, the curves of the crown bring out the natural beauty of strong glistening waves that flow back and forth, just like the beautiful California coastline.

Peter Young says, “I based the design elements for the Miss California USA® Crown from the natural beauty of California. Also, with the controversy over Carrie Prejean’s opinion regarding gay marriage at the Miss USA® pageant, I wanted my design to present an open view for the next 2010 Miss California USA® titleholder. My wave design represents the different perspectives everybody has because of our diversity in California. I felt a strong need for people to know that although we may have different opinions from opposite sides, the one universal idea that speaks true for all of us is that love unites. Therefore, at the center of the beautifully formed sparkling wave design is a heart. I hope that speaks true to the next Miss California USA”

Keith Lewis, Executive Director of K2 says, “INTA Gems has once again shown it is a leader in vision, design, craftsmanship, and quality with the creation of the 2010 Miss California USA®Crown symbolizing love, unity, and the beauty of California. As the preeminent leader for jewelry and gemstones in California, we are honored to adorn our new Miss California USA with this symbolic and beautifully jeweled masterpiece.”

Handcrafted of silver and gold, the 2010 Miss California USA®Crown will glisten with precious gems including diamonds, diamond simulants, natural sapphire, and pearl. There are a total of 768 stones with a total carat weight of over 50 carats. It will be featured at the 2010 Miss California USA pageant that will be televised on Sunday, Nov 22 on the CW and on My Television television networks. Please check local listing for scheduled program time.