What is the Most Important Four C’s to Consider?

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When shopping for a diamond, most people know about the important characteristics to look for—the infamous four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight). But do you know what is the most important of the four to consider? Many debate over which of the four is the most important. However, based on years of experience in the jewelry industry, I have seen that a majority of consumers prefer size as their first choice when shopping for a loose diamond. If size is the most vital to you, then the most important of the four C’s would be carat weight. The carat is the unit of measurement for the size and weight of a diamond. Since the rarity of a diamond increases substantially with increasing carat weight, the value and therefore price of the diamond also tend to increase exponentially with increasing weight.
For instance, a 0.90 carat round GIA certified diamond with moderately high quality (G color, SI2 clarity) would cost around $5,900 retail. And to get a stone with the same specifications, but in a larger carat weight at just a little over 1.00 carat would cost around $7,500 retail (Please Note: Prices are subject to change with the market). That’s quite the big monetary difference for about 0.10 carat of an increase isn’t it? Diamond prices increase drastically through carat weight increments. For example, prices can fluctuate from a 0.50 carat to a 1.00 carat. Or from a 1.00 carat to a 1.25 carat. But by just choosing a diamond that is a 1.06 carat would not have as much of a significant price difference from a 1.00 carat.

At INTA Gems, we contain an extensive selection of diamonds ranging in different carat weights as well as color, clarity, and cut. For more information or to make an appointment to look at diamonds, please contact us at 213-689-9650. essential attribute to consider, but it mainly comes down to one’s own personal preference. Some prefer a larger size versus the diamond color/clarity. And all four factors are taken into account for the overall pricing of a diamond. With each increase in size and quality, there is an increase in pricing. It is best to stay balanced with each of the four traits and tailor them in accordance to your budget.
Furthermore, you must keep in mind, that the larger the surface area/size, the more apparent the internal characteristics are to the naked eye (i.e. clarity, color, or cut). This is why I highly recommend finding the right balance among the four.
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